Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Tooth

A post about a tooth, and it's not about Gunnar - can you believe it?

Wyatt's orthodontist noticed last month that one of his molars (a baby tooth) is "stuck". When we saw our pediatric dentist the following week I was hoping to talk him into pulling it right-then-that-very-day. I know that's not how things work, but Wyatt is an anxious child. A fretter. His name means "warrior", but he thought it was "worrier". Too true. But I digress...

Our (pediatric) dentist doesn't do "that kind" of extraction, but he has a specialist in his office once a month and scheduled us with her. That was this morning. After going through the whole process of getting Wyatt numbed up, and pushing his gums up to try to get a good hold on it, and really looking at the x-rays... she couldn't get it out.

I don't mean that to sound critical of her. Apparently the tooth is "ankylosed" - it's root is firmly stuck right into the jawbone. She (wisely) quit, rather than risk breaking it off and a potential nasty infection.

Wyatt was a real trooper. She said dealing with Wyatt was like dealing with a small adult. (A very anxious small adult!)

And that we need to go to an Oral Surgeon.

And the nearest one that takes our insurance is 2 hours away.

Oh, I will do it. I will take Wyatt wherever we need to get the care he needs. But the thought of having to put it off for another month, and Wyatt dreading it for another month made my heart sink.

But, delightful orthodontist to the rescue! Apparently he has a special (professional) relationship with an Oral Surgeon with offices in the same building, who will occasionally take our insurance (medical coupons) in an "emergency".

Thank you Orthodontist, thank you GOD.

We have an appointment first thing Friday morning. They offered to do it tomorrow, which was very appealing in terms of not stewing over it any longer, but the appointment was later in the day and he has to have an empty stomach as they will probably sedate him. Yeah. Wyatt on an empty stomach is not a pleasant experience! Actually, I gave Wyatt the choice - get it over with sooner, or take the 7:45am appointment on Friday. He chose Friday.

Again, prayers are very very welcome.

I'm praying that it will go smoothly, and that Wyatt will be calm and trusting throughout. He has enough stress already.


Deborah said...

I'll be praying!

The Hansens said...

Oh Julie, that does not sound fun at all. I am nervous myself just thinking about it! I will pray for Friday's appointment. And, as a worrier myself, sometimes (in a really tough deal, very sparingly of course!) a little Benadryl would (and does) help me get to sleep before something scary for some unsolicited advice to you for the night before if you need it to help him. :)

Becky said...

Of course you have my prayers for a worry-free, easy as possible procedure!

Denise Portis said...

I'll be praying too! My son, Chris, (now 18) had to have every single baby tooth pulled. Every single one! He doesn't have the enzyme that dissolves the roots of the baby teeth as the permanent one pushes through. Thankfully, dad took him to all his extractions (although towards the end when he was getting 4 or 5 pulled at a time all the blood scared Dad to death!).
I'm so glad he gets to have it done on Friday. From one worrier to another... it will keep his blood pressure lower.

Julie said...

You guys are awesome. He's doing really well right now with not dreading it - I think it's gone right out of his mind. Great!

Oh Denise, I really feel for you and your son! I'd never heard of that.

leah said...

Oh, many prayers said for Wyatt's reassurance and for an easy procedure (as easy as it can be, anyway). The waiting is far worse than the actual event, so may the time go quickly!