Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hoarders Anonymous

Okay, right up front, this is a National Geographic photo of Bora Bora. It has no direct bearing on the subject of this post (rant), but it’s much nicer to look at than piles of clutter, and has a calming, peaceful effect, so there it is. (“Now, just close your eyes, and go to your happy place…”)

I had a delightful little conversation with a certain relative this evening, who shall remain nameless (to protect the both of us) about the crazy people in our lives and their crazy behavior. Hoarding.

So I have five things to throw out there:

1. INTERVENTION! People, this is a disorder we’re talking about!

2. Honestly, do something before you or your loved one ends up like THIS. Because we really can’t throw anything away, can we?

3. Or like this story a friend told me. You know how people who lived through the depression saved everything? Well, my friend was cleaning out a relative’s house and found a box labeled: “Pieces of string too small to use.” Seriously.

4. It can be done. I recently (with help) hauled two full-size pick-up loads out of our garage while Kerry was out of the town, and he hasn’t left me! ;0)

5. It is STUFF. It can’t love you back.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Ethan's World and saying hello :-) You have 3 very handsome young men there and I love their names! Each one of them has a very cool and unique name.

I'm about to head into a very scary IEP meeting at school and I'm extremely nervous about it. Perhaps I'll have to conjure up that beautiful beach you've got here when the going gets tough.

Take care!

Civilla said...

Julie, thanks for your comment on holiness. I liked what you said about "paths". I never thought of it that way! Church went well Sunday. My husband preaches again this coming Sunday. I guess they will talk about it and have a vote. Three of the older people think they can't afford a full-time minister, but we have a military retirement with benefits, so we don't need much in the way of monetary support, so we will reassure them of that.
Loved the palm tree picture. I love palm trees. Went to Hawaii once a few years ago, and it was like paradise.
Oh, talking of clutter -- when we were military, we moved a lot, and the military gave us a weight allowance (based on your rank), so, we were all motivated to get rid of clutter.
Now that we have lived in our present home 9 years, yikes! The clutter! I get rid of it, only to get more (I love yard sales and thrift shops). I'm buried under junk -- most of it unnecessary. And, you're right, it can't love you back.
My husband says I run a "Tupperware Rescue Mission", because I "rescue" so much Tupperware from yard sales.
Have to do another post. I am recovering from a trip to the dentist. I must have a crown on a front tooth that has become discolored. I got it "buzzed down" yesterday, and still feel wobbly, not to mention poor ($750.00!). I get the permanent crown in 2 weeks. Have a temporary one now.