Sunday, August 17, 2008

Time Warp

I was transferring some files over from an old computer to the one I usually use, and ran across a letter. This was written back before we started homeschooling.) I had asked each of the boys to dictate a message to me that we would be emailing to a few distant family members. Other than giving the boys very general prompts (like “tell about school”, or “tell what you like to do”) this is entirely spontaneous “boy-ness”. So… from March of 2006…

Wyatt, age 9:
How are you doing? I’m going to be in a concert at school and I’m going to play a guitar (a fake guitar). We’re singing some rock and roll and country music.

I decided not to play soccer this spring. Instead, I’m taking the spring off and I might get to do swim lessons again! I’m pretty busy with church, and school, and AWANA, and so on. I like to play on the computer, play Monopoly, dig trenches in the back yard and build forts. Once I even built one with a chimney and a fireplace and Dad helped us light a little fire in it! Our neighbor Ralph, who is a retired fireman, was a little nervous, but Dad was watching the whole time.
And that’s all.

Gunnar, age 4:
Hi, it’s me, Gunnar! I’m having fun playing on Little Tuggy! Back at home! Tuggy is fun. We’re pretending we’re hamsters and we can talk.

At church today we played “Duck duck goose” and I had a snack… fish crackers and animal crackers. We played Daniel in the Lion’s Den and I was a lion! And another time I was Daniel and another time I was King Darius.

I like to play on the computer, and dig in the “Black Forest”, and I like to see bugs. I like building forts.

Okay, I’m done!

Tate, age 6:
Hi, it’s me, Tate. How are you? I hope you guys can believe in God soon, because then you’ll be able to go to heaven. Do you even know about God? Because God is more powerful than Satan. In fact, in a little while, God will destroy Satan. If you believe in God, then you can go to heaven too. Heaven is great fun! There is so many great things to do in heaven! In fact, God is even better than magic!

We had a pet show at school. I brought Chicken too. (“Chicken” is a hamster.) It was very fun. Chicken got an award for being the best climber! He climbed up his entire cage!

We also had AWANA Olympics and played games at AWANA Olympics. AWANA Olympics and games are very fun. I won a few of the games! I am learning lots of verses, and also we sing songs about God there, and praise His name. And you can also pray to Him at every meal and also all you have to do is ask Him - to believe in Him - and you don’t even have to do anything or pay any money. Also, God can do anything He would like in heaven. He is preparing a place for you in heaven. He will not forget you because He has a big book and He will sign your name in it – each of your names.

Also, God has lots of helpers called disciples. They are very nice and help preach about the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for your sins on the cross. If you believe in God you will go to be with Him in heaven. You will really really love it!

I like to play in the sand box, and dig holes. I also like to dig in the back yard. It is very fun. We hauled away dirt and made mud cement in the wheelbarrow! And we also made a great fort once, and we’re making another!

Goodbye! From Tate

Okay, so his theology isn’t perfect (he was SIX!), but honestly, he came up with all of that all on his own. When you think they’re not listening, they’re getting something.

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