Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Those people...

You know "those people"... the ones who claim to have seen Elvis in the mold in their refrigerator? Well, I'm not saying my husband is one of "those people", but he is insisting I put this on the blog:

I'm not sure when he took this photo, but he calls it
"Rasputin in the Pickle Jar".

There's a close-up down below... a bit blurry.

Hmmm.... you be the judge.


Loudest Mom said...

I have to say it does look a bit Rasputinesque (is that even a word???)

Funny! Now, are you going to eat him or ebay him?

Julie said...

Sadly, we have probably missed the chance to sell that pickle. Millions, I'm sure! He has most certainly been eaten :0)