Saturday, August 30, 2008

You know your kids are tired when...

So, our good friends/neighbors (the ones the boys play with constantly) invited the boys to have a sleep-over in their tree-house... sort of a last hurrah of the summer.

Really, I'm not a big fan of sleep-overs, for predictable reasons, which have nothing to do with these friends. So we said, "Yes". Had dinner together, roasted weenies and s'mores over a campfire, got the kids (five out of our six, jointly) settled up in their nest for the night, and went home.

One of ours ended up coming home, about 12:30, because he couldn't get to sleep. I think the others finally quieted down at about 11pm, but still got up at 6:30... earlier than their hosts. Who, I might add, very graciously called in the morning and invited the Sleepless One to come on back over for breakfast with the crew. He was out the door and down the alley in his pajamas and gumboots before I could blink!

This is what happens with my kids. Even if they stay up late, they still get up early. But the bill comes due later. I can tell they're tired this evening because...

* Wyatt melted down about any little thing,

* Tate (my best eater!) cried at the dinner table because he didn't want to eat the corner of his cornbread which had been contaminated by contact with the cranberry/orange sauce,

* Gunnar, after announcing that he was starving, refused to eat, accidentally spilled his milk, and cried about it.

Hmmmm, frustration, over-reaction, emotional drama, and clumsiness. Yep, all the signs are there.

Interestingly, after a warm bath and clean jammies, Gunnar was a bit more philosophical. He'd been crying because Wyatt was furious with him over some spilled Legos. Gunnar thought that Wyatt might try to kill him, (perhaps a bit of exaggeration thrown into the mix?!) I comforted Gunnar, reminding him that Wyatt has come a long way in controlling his temper, but he still has some distance to go. Gunnar said, "Yeah, you can tell he's losing it when he gets his Squeally Pig voice."

Oooo. He nailed that one!

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