Friday, August 15, 2008

Serena update...

I haven't wanted to post about this because the news is not good.

Serena is now living with her dad (the "s***m donor") and his very scary mother. The Christian couple who have cared for her nearly half her life have been summarily "dealt out", accused of being bigoted, and - really - treated like crazies. Apparently the deal was 'cooked' before they ever walked into the courtroom.

I have a hard time talking about it without going into a long rant because it is all so very unjust. I am trying not to be bitter, and find comfort in the fact that King David called on God to curse his enemies too :0)

Psalm 7:9

Oh, let the evil of the wicked come to an end, and may you establish the righteous—you who test the minds and hearts, O righteous God!

Psalm 28:4
Repay them for their deeds and for their evil work; repay them for what their hands have done and bring back upon them what they deserve.

In fact, I don't usually care for "The Message", but this hit home...

Psalm 58:1 Is this any way to run a country? Is there an honest politician in the house? Behind the scenes you brew cauldrons of evil, behind closed doors you make deals with demons.

Or, somewhat more calmly, in the NLT:

Justice—do you rulers know the meaning of the word? Do you judge the people fairly?


I was thinking of the stories of Daniel (in the Lion's Den) and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (in the fiery furnace), and it hit me that I had never thought of it from their parents' perspective. OUCH. These were young people who were taken captive (kidnapped), removed to the country of the enemy (treated like an object, not a person), and taken right into the household of the godless enemy KING (placed in danger). They were subjected to three years of "training" (brainwashing). And yet God preserved them.

So, please STILL pray, when you think of Serena...

pray that evil will be exposed
pray that God will protect and provide for Serena
and pray for Patty and Curtis, who are grieving and hurting.

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Kari said...

I don't know any of you, but this just breaks my heart. I have the biggest lump in my throat. She is precious.

I used to work in juvenile court, and I saw this sort of thing way too often. How they can send these kids back to their "parents" is beyond me.

I will be praying.