Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bird Boy

I have no idea what got Wyatt started on his “bird kick”. At first I thought he was just making excuses to distract us during school time (we see a lot of birds in the trees outside the room where we usually do school), but this interest has persisted. Of course, his birthday last month was a great opportunity to feed his interest – he got some great books :0)

I love that this is HIS interest. He’ll sit still (a very rare event in Wyatt’s life!) to watch birds, he’ll draw birds, he’ll look them up in his books and listen to their calls, and he even made this robin himself. He found a book at the library that combined two of his interests – how to fold paper airplanes that look like birds and actually fly… sort of. By the time he’d colored this one (VERY heavy crayon) and modified it with about a roll of tape, it didn’t actually fly very well. But that was irrelevant. Look at his face!

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