Sunday, August 17, 2008

Civil War... again

Once again we spent a day at the annual Civil War Reenactment. Tate became interested in the Civil War over a year ago, so he's the driving force here, but a good time was had by all.

I mean, good grief, there were not only toy weapons, there were REAL ones!

The reenactors love to talk with the boys - tell them stories and tell them about all their "stuff". Some of them will even let the boys hold some of the weapons - some replicas and some are the real deal.

I think Tate's favorite is a little cannon that is a real-size replica of a signalling cannon that will shoot golf balls!

All the boys love the battles... ARTILLERY! Sometimes when they fire the cannons, they make incredible smoke rings that go rolling above the field.


Civilla said...

Julie, made a reply to you back on my blog under the heading PLAIN DRESS. Thank you for your nice comments. We moms need to cut each other some slack. We all do the best we can. Glad you enjoyed your outing!

Civilla said...

Thanks for your second comment. Yes, we need to be gracious. One thing I can't do (I'm not Betty Crocker, ok?) is bake bread.
I keep trying, but it always turns out like a brick. I finally gave up this year when my husband BROKE HIS TOOTH on a loaf of my sourdough. Groan! Thank the Lord, the dentist was able to smooth it out and it "only" cost $87. Can you imagine? An $87 loaf of bread! Sometimes frugality costs a lot!! lol.