Saturday, August 9, 2008

Painted Ladies for Gunnar

We (okay, really, who shops around here?) I got Gunnar a butterfly kit for his birthday. Set up the habitat and sent the little coupon off, and received five tiny caterpillars. But oh my goodness, these guys mean business. They just about doubled in size every day - no kidding! Within a week they had each made a chrysalis (plural chrysalides) on the top of their little tub.

Well, today was the day. Our first Painted Lady butterfly hatched! The boys eagerly watched "him" (who can tell?! Wyatt named him "Bob",) roll and unroll his proboscis and flutter his wings. He's still just hanging out up on the roof of his habitat, but we have dutifully supplied him with orange slices, which he can flutter down to eat (drink).

Pretty cool! Wyatt is drawing illustrations and they have been looking up information in their bug books on what to expect, as far as "Bob's" habits. I suppose Bob will have a sibling by tomorrow.

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