Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer Monsoon Fun

Rain. Rain. More rain. And, wait, what's that? Again, rain.

We've actually been doing a little bit of school. Might as well, since nobody wants to go to the lake today! And the boys actually like history... and why not? Heroes, battles, stories, and (drum roll...) the development of weapons. They actually ask me questions like, "In this year's history will people invent the Gatling Gun, or is that not until next year's history?" (We're on a four-year history of the world.)

I think the boys liked the Romans because of the Siege Towers and Battering Rams, (not to mention all the gruesome gladiators,) rather than for the advancements in quality of life. Let's face it, the concepts of hygiene (bathing) and closed sewers (always high on my list) barely even hit their radar.

Still, I have to say I'm proud of them. After reviewing the fall of Rome, we launched into the Celts. We even read "Beowulf", and I have to say I don't remember it being nearly so interesting when I suffered through it my sophomore year. They loved the bit about Beowulf pulling Grendel's arm off and hanging it in the rafters. Of course.

But, if you look down for the next three posts, you'll see just how much fun three boys can have with: a piece of string, a wrapping paper tube, a little cardboard, and some aluminum foil. As Gunnar would say, "waah - WAAAH!" (Voila!)

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