Monday, August 11, 2008

A Daily Day

Yea, we have two more butterflies that have hatched, and the kids got to watch the most recent one emerge from its chrysalis just a couple of hours ago. Very cool.

They have had five different friends over to play today, and they are fully enjoying the most "unstructured" part of the summer. I think this is the first summer we haven't signed them up for ANY day-camps. Not even VBS. (Who wants to go to VBS from 6-9pm???)

They've been having squirt gun fights, digging in the dirt, riding bikes and scooters, playing games, and going back and forth with the neighbors.

We spent yesterday afternoon at the Civil War Reenactment. Predictably, the boys LOVED the battles, which seemed to go on all day. Sometimes when the cannons would go off they would make incredible smoke rings, which would roll across the battle-field and slowly drift upward. I cannot believe how many people bring their kids, sit right on the edge of the battlefield, and don't bring any hearing protection! Yikes! Also, I'm glad we decided to go Sunday instead, as Saturday was very rainy... and all those people camp out there in their authentic canvas tents and wool clothes. Ugh.

Of course, we're not doing ANY homeschool over the summer. What with all the bird-watching that Wyatt has instigated, raising Tate's tadpoles (the cutest TINY baby frogs!), building a worm bin for home-composting (MY project), and hatching Gunnar's butterflies, we just don't have the time to do ANY homeschooling. Especially science ;-) I guess I'd better order the 'birthday' ants next.

Enjoy your summer!

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