Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Truth

If Gunnar is anything (besides cute), he is honest. Blazingly honest.

He says things that make a little bell in my head ring, but it happens so often I can't "catch" it all and write it down before I forget.

So today we were in the school-room getting ready for some history. As he came in he said, "We're not doing math are we? I hate math!" I think he's picked that up from his brothers, more than actually disliking math himself, and I said, "But Gunnar, you're really GOOD at math!"

He sighed and said, "Actually Mama, I like math. I want to be good at it, but I don't want to learn it."

Ever felt that way?!

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Civilla said...

Thanks for the quote! I never heard that one before. Gunnar is cute. I knew a little boy names Gunnar when I was little. His father was from Germany. My boys are 21 and 19. Older son is on his own in another city, but plans to return to college in the fall after taking a year off. He will go to college there. The 19-year-old one goes to college near home and is home for the summer. He and I went to a thrift shop today. I got some cool records. We still have a record player! I got music from the 30's and 40's. Took an older lady to coffee earlier this afternoon. My husband "tried out" for a Baptist church last Sunday, and will preach for them this coming Sunday. Hope they vote us in. It is a little church of only about 20 people. Seems right up our alley. Tomorrow, I go to the dentist to get a front tooth crowned. It has been needing attention for some time. I'm scared..... So, that has been our week! Have a nice evening.