Thursday, September 23, 2010

Camping and Letting Go...

I may or may not have
let the boys climb every tree they could get a grip on,

ride their scooters all over the campground,
and use their boogie boards as skim boards.

I may or may not have
neglected to make the boys shower the whole, entire week

and called swimming their "daily bath".

So what if they smell a little fishy.

I may or may not have
applied the same standard to myself.
(Nice hair, yah?)

We may or may not have
had an enjoyable, if somewhat wacky,
dinner with friends of Kerry's.

Where I may or may not have
accepted a contraband start of a succulent
allegedly smuggled out of the legendary
Ohme Gardens
by the lovely Mrs. R.

I may or may not have
brought enough marshmallows to roast them
Every.  Single.  Night.

I may or may not have
made s'mores with peanut butter cups.

I may or may not have
told the boys they wouldn't like them
and they should just stick with ordinary s'mores
and leave the fancy stuff for the grownups.

They may or may not have
believed me.

I may or may not have
sent all the kids to bed and sat out on the point
with the grownups,
watching shooting stars and sipping
Must find more of that.

I may or may not have
 been able to resist the temptation
to grab these adorable bubble cheeks.

I may or may not have
have spent nearly two hours in a continuous near freak-out
enjoying a variety of creatures

that included a two-headed tortoise,
the 10 Deadliest Snakes in the World,
and some baby alligators scrambling excitedly around their cage
catching and eating
the biggest cockroaches I've ever seen.
(The things we do for our kids' education...)

I may or may not have
declined to eat right there in the Reptile Zoo's parking lot
at the Old School BBQ,
because I may or may not have been just a wee bit leery
of what they actually had on the grill.
But I'm sure it tasted just like chicken.

I may or may not have
treated the boys, instead,
to the glorious wonders of Zeke's Drive-In,
where you can eat in a real caboose.

We may or may not have had huge, delicious, greasy cheeseburgers,
(with a home-angioplasty kit on the side, says Kerry)
and enormous home-made onion rings,
and our choice of 20+ flavors of milkshakes.
Or in my case, a real chocolate malt.
*happy sigh*

And I may or may not still have
one "Camping Kitchen" tote in the family room
that I have yet to sort, clean, restock, and return to the garage
for next year's camping.

And, lastly, I may or may not have
put way too many pictures with this post.

Ya think?


melanie said...

I ♥ pictures =)

Felicity said...

GREAT post!! I love the photos, and that two-headed tortoise is freaky!

leah said...

Peanut butter cup S'mores? Why have I not been told of this delight?

Off to the store to get some Reese's!

Anonymous said...

Never too many pictures.

P.S. I thought that swimming counted as bathing. It saves on my water bill in the summer. ;)

Deanna said...

Never too many pictures!!!

Cutzi said...

I love this post!! Especially all the pictures! What a wonderful time we had... thanks again for the invitation.

And is it just me, or does that picture of Wyatt with the marshmallows look like of creepy? The marshmallows look ghostly and Wyatt looks like he has grey sideburns. Freaked me out.

Ruby said...

You may or may not have posted enough pics but what are there are FABULOUS! It looks, and sounds, like so much fun!!!
Well, may be I would forgo the Reptile Park, but everything is great. That turtle pic is very strange. It is funny to think of how it (they) has survived like siamese twins for any length of time. It's going to be hard to get back to the grind :-)

The dB family said...

Nooo! Pictures are part of the memories!! Sounds like a perfectly wonderful week!! (Next year I have to make sure my hair is long enough to wear in a pony tail ;o)!)