Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday Parties

Kerry had his birthday just before our week in Oregon and I promised a photo,
if any were acceptable.
Wyatt took these, and they are slightly more dignified than the lovely shots from Father's Day, so I'm sharing them :D

Here, Kerry is revealing his age.

And showing you a book he really wanted.

His party was nice - his brother and sister-in-law, his cousin and cousin-in-law (?), my parents, the boys and I.  BBQ dinner, a cake, presents.
You know, a grown-up party.

Gunnar got invited to a kid party this week, and what a contrast!
Two dads and eight (or nine?) boys at a nearby KOA.
There was swimming in the pool.  There was biking around the campground.
There was canoeing out in the "lake" (a man-made pond).
And charring your dinner over the fire.

And - of course - sleeping in a tent, all snuggled up like little puppies.

Fortunately the rain didn't start until the morning, when they were thinking about packing up, because if Gunnar has described it right, this spot was right about where the tent was.

Not that the boys cared...
they have fun no matter what!


Felicity said...

A random question - is your husband of Irish descent??
Oh... and Happy Birthday to him!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Irish... not sure. English, anyway, and raised Catholic. But his mom had a 'thing' for Irish names - George, Hillary, Kerry, Patrick.

The dB family said...

Did Kerry get a 7 birthday card? Hee hee! Great pics btw!

What is a campout without rain!? Looks like they had a great time!