Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Just One Grasshopper's Opinion...

A while back, in one of the comments, Ruby wondered about the blog etiquette when you notice a typo, or a spelling or grammatical error.  I think I joked about this once before.

So this is just my opinion...

If it's me, I'd rather know so I can fix it!  I go back through my old posts from time to time, and find all kinds of mistakes, so it's not like I'm all high and mighty about it.  I would rather know.  You can tell me.

But when it's other people... it's hard, when we're not standing in front of each other, (body language, tone of voice, and all), to convey the spirit in which correction is offered.  So most of the time I don't say anything.  Unless -
I feel like I know the person pretty well.

It's a glaring mistake that everyone else will notice.


They're writing for a large audience.  Because they need to know better.

Though I do have my pet peeves.
Apostrophes.  Learn the rules. 
 Try and/Try to.   You try to do something.  If you try and do something, you're doing two separate things; trying and whatever else.
Super.   It's usually an adjective, rarely an adverb.  In other words, "I had a super day," may sound all Leave It To Beaver but it is used properly, while, "Did you see that super cute shirt/guy/puppy/etc?" makes you sound like an adolescent girl whose carbonated hormones are affecting her mental capacity.

Loose/lose.  To loose something is to set it free.  To lose something is (most commonly) to be unable to find it.

I've got more, but that's enough for one day.


Traci said...

Oh Julie, your such a teacher!!!
Did I use that sentence in the correct way????

melanie said...

I was clicking through a few daybooks yesterday.. someone posted a picture of a t-shirt with a grammarian type comment on it ;-)

he he ~ I could be queen of run-on sentences when I'm typing, but I don't often loose the car keys (from their ring?)

I'm thinking you are being extremely diligent with schoolwork since your blog is so quiet!

Felicity said...

I have my pet peeves too! I'm convinced that very few people nowadays can spell, let alone use correct grammar. But just when I go on and on about it, I find some or other mistake in my own writing... Some so awful I can't believe that I made them!
What can I blame it on???

The dB family said...

Now I'm feeling the need to go back through my posts again. By-the-way, feel free to correct me when you catch even my not so glaring mistakes. Thanks :o)!

Organizing Mommy said...

I've gotta let lose and give you some super awesome comments here. ROFL>

Hey, I got.. like.. this speeding ticket. Need your advice about what to do. And there are errors in this one, I think.

Ruby said...

Feel free to correct me too by the way! I know I often cringe at my own mistakes even when I have used spell check. You might like the little clip I am posting on a similar theme tomorrow.
I have privately emailed a blogger I know because I figured they missed something but as you say it can be tricky. I think the one I mentioned in the previous comments was a title which has givin' (slang anyway) when it should read given.
Not a good look in the home schooling crowd! The apostrophes seem to trick a lot of folks these days.

leah said...

I'm always thankful for corrections! Vivie once caught an error in one of my titles (I think I had it as "Unremittent Infection." Since "unremittent" is not a word, I am glad she wrote to me! I changed it to unremitting and hoped that no one saw the original title, lol!

I did find this funny blog post on the need to correct grammar:

leah said...

By the way, Merriam-Webster says "super cute" is an appropriate usage of the word super (

Go figure.

Rachael Starke said...

Awww, losen up.


Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say
" Bad spellers of the world...UNTIE!" :)

Anonymous said...

oops I forgot to sign my 'anonymous' comment.
Diane of Salem way!

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oh, I am super guilty of using the 'super' improperly, then. I say it all the time. I'm sorry! Ha ha ha.

You can overlook that, right?