Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Light-headed Musings

Let me start by saying that I just took some cold medicine
and I don't know when it's gonna kick in,

but if I post anything within the next 12 hours,
you'd be wise to disregard it entirely.   

 Thank you.

In other news, Kerry has provided me with some pictures of the last month, so here ya go.

One of my good, good lifelong friends, (our moms were pregnant together and we were born two weeks apart), lives in the area and occasionally gets us motocross tickets from her sister.
Thanks Kristie and Sherrie!

I graciously decided to let the Kerry and the boybarians have a manly-man evening and stayed home to enjoy the peace and quiet do chores.

Wasn't that gracious and noble of me?

I thought so.

I mean, you know you're at a Testoster-zone event when there's an ambulance standing by
and the sound carries for miles.

There were a few spills and chills, but no lost limbs or big emergencies.
And a good time was had by all.
What's that?
I said, "A  GOOD!   TIME!   was HAD!   by ALL!"
Don't worry, honey, you're hearing will come back in a few hours.

Can you guess what Tate missed the most while we were in Oregon on vacation?
Of course, we talked with Daddy on the phone several times :D

And Daddy kept kinda busy while we were gone, thank-you-very-much.
(No, that's not him driving.)

We're gearing up to officially start school next week.
Of course, we're starting with a party, while everybody else will be at school.

But we'll be jumping in to our full schedule next week,
and the boys are slightly less than enthusiastic.
I even got all organized and made them each a daily checklist, (I know, shock and awe),
because I shouldn't be having to remind them to empty the dishwasher,
or record pertinent information in their reading logs.

You can imagine their joy.

And in the mean time, we're supposed to have friends over to play tomorrow
and then the first soccer practice (!),
more friends over to play or go to the lake on Friday,
hiking on Saturday,
the boys are being baptized on Sunday,
(which is not a minor item in the agenda, but I'll post on that later!),
Labor Day picnic on Monday,
and the first-day-of-school-beach-party on Tuesday.

So I really don't have time for a nasty head-cold, yah?
Because I either feel yucky (unmedicated) or stoned (medicated).



melanie said...

Oh you make me laugh!

g'night =)

(and btw, we have a boy getting baptized Sunday night here too!)

Choate Family said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! We have lots of lists for the kids to check, too, especially school and chores. We just tell them - if our home is going to run smoothly, we have to be a team! Your blog always makes me smile :-)

Cutzi said...

Oh Julie.... you never fail to crack me up. I will pray for quick healing!

Felicity said...

I regularly try to be noble and let the family go and do things so that I can stay home alone. I really NEED that time... but I have a toddler who would rather stay with me thanks, and who dad would rather not take along thanks, so I don't really get much of that recharge time. But I try!
Hope your head cold goes away. Looking forward to reading about the boys' baptism.

Ruby said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon, Julie. Just looking at what you have scheduled makes me feel tired!
I enjoy the home alone moments, as well. Funny though, they were so longed for and precious in years gone by (when I was always sleep deprived and in chaos). Now I sorta miss the guys around, while still being often tired and usually in chaos!

leah said...

Aw, Tate missed Podger the most! Nothing can keep a boy from his bunny!

I had to chuckle at the Baptism being buried within the line of events- I can't wait to see the full post about that (and happy Baptism Day to the three boys when Sunday rolls around)!

Thanks for the morning chuckle!

tammy said...

Hilarious! Oh what I'd give for my husband to take ALL THREE at once and leave me to do chores in peace and quiet! lol. I hate summer (well almost fall) colds! They are the worst. I get being sick when it's below zero out, but not any other time.

Sounds like you all have a busy, fun filled schedule this weekend! What a way to bring in the new school year.

Hope it's a wonderful one!!

Q said...

What a lovely post and then you throw in the baptism!!! So excited for you all . . . what a great day that will be!

Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

I hope your cold goes away soon! My mom was really sick with a cold and fever this week. How did you manage to catch this in August????

Anyway, that is such a precious rabbit. I can see why he was missed.

legendswife said...

Wow...I got a few boybarians myself! Congrats on the baptism. That is such a wonderful blessing. Hope your feeling well soon.

Anonymous said...

We spent last week in the beautiful hills of Estacada Oregon at our churches family camp. We had the joy of taking our two grands Brent 6 and Alice 3 1/2 was great fun ...but Alice came down with a cold and I forgot to take caution and offered her a drink from my cup numerous times. This cold/flu layed me low for 3 full days. I am up at at 'em but with only half the energy. I won't complain...I loved having my grandkids with us.
I hope you recover much faster. LOTS OF WATER :)
Diane of Salem

The dB family said...

Hooray for lists! I worked on my kids' lists today much to their joy (sarcasm). Praying you feel better soon! It sounds like you have a very busy weekend ahead of you, and you really don't need to make it through it stoned ;o).