Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Saturday Morning

We had to divide and conquer this weekend.
Wyatt and Tate's game overlapped Gunnar's.
And it was sunny.
And warm.

In fact, sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the game...

... when you have a view like this.

And, if you want a little lesson in meteorology...
those lenticular clouds you see
mean the weather is changing.

Sure enough, it was blowing and raining by about midnight.


leah said...

There is NO way I would be able to watch the game with a view like that! Our area is beautiful, but there is one thing I miss from the West Coast. I don't miss the ocean, though I do love the sea. I miss the mountains! Rolling hills are nice, but I miss the grandeur of snowy peaks.

I hope you have many more sunny soccer days, though I have a feeling the muddy will outnumber the sunny very soon!

Felicity said...

I really love mountains, and that view is beautiful!!

The dB family said...

Drool! I don't care how much rain you get! One of these days I will at the very least visit the PNW. That view takes my breath away.

I thought maybe we'd sent you our weather, but now that you have rain again I guess not. It's been raining here for two days. I'm not complaining because we did need it, although it's a little ill timed as all the crops are supposed to be coming off now.

Stay dry!