Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple Woman 9-27-10

For Today... September 27, 2010

 Outside my window...  leaves are beginning to turn, but everything is still very green and lush.  We are having a warm, wet, September.

I am thinking...  how happy I am for all the work we accomplished this weekend.

I am thankful for...  crossing a few items off the Mother Load, encouraging messages at church, and everybody in this house is healthy.

I am praying for...  work for Kerry, safety and success for Grampa Grasshopper (off hunting in Canada), and the boys to be diligent with their schoolwork.

I am wearing...  oh, boring.  My usual 'uniform'.

I am creating...  clean, clean, clean.

I am going...  to be home as much as possible, but... soccer, soccer, and more soccer.
And a homeschool meeting, with a friend.

I am reading...  Gunnar has taken it upon himself to read The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
He's doing great, but got bogged down a bit right at the end,
so we're reading the last few chapters together.

I am hoping...  Wyatt's attitude will improve.  *sigh*

I am hearing...  the washer spinning.

I am remembering...  were we really camping, in 80 degree sunshine, just two weeks ago?

From the learning rooms...  the Dutch East Indies, order of operations (math), inertia, Jonah, mal-, and lots and lots of reading :D

From the kitchen...  I'm thinking Sloppy Joes tonight.

Around the house...  as the days get shorter I want more lights and coziness in the house.
More candles, more sparkly, pretty lights, more color.
Fall decorations are finding their way out, here and there.

On my mind...  our pastor is recovering (well, by all accounts) from recent surgery.

Noticing that...  just in the last couple of weeks Wyatt is breaking out.  (Don't tell him I mentioned it.)
Great... more hormones.

Pondering these words...  
When the government fears the people it is liberty,
when the people fear the government it is tyranny.
 - Thomas Jefferson 

One of my favorite things... Tillamook chocolate-peanut-butter ice cream.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  oh.  Yah.  School.  Soccer.  School.  Soccer.
Lather.  Rinse.  Repeat.

Here is a picture I am sharing...  

Boy and bunny.


Felicity said...

That is such a lovely pic!
Chocolate peanut butter icecream sounds wonderful (and I'm not a big fan of icecream in general...)
Hope your week is a good one!

melanie said...

My folks found some Tillamook cheese ~ and shared with us :-) Yum ~ I'm guessing the ice cream is not too shabby tasting either!

♥ the TJ quote!

Q said...

Love the pic. Gunnar is my hero. Just finished The Hobbit and waiting for my LOTR Trilogy to arrive so I can read it. Oh, and now I want ice cream for second breakfast. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sloppy joes sound terrific! I haven't fixed that in awhile so I'm glad I "stopped over" to get at least that reminder! LOL!

Your uniform is the same as my uniform. I get a lot of work done in this uniform.

leah said...

I really need to get out the fall stuff here, too. It is rather dreary the past few days- gray and misty, though the bright leaves are gorgeous. I love this time of year- time to cozy down and have a spot of tea next to the fire!

We're having Sloppy Joes on Wednesday (Matt's ice skating lesson night)- I love them. Fast to make and fast to eat!

Rebecca D said...

Ohhh... now I need some ice cream... I'm so blaming that on you... lol
We had sloppy joes last night... must be a "fall" food.

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture!

Donna said...

Good morning! I just came over from The Simple Woman's Daybook, and really enjoyed reading about you! I absolutely love chocolate peanut butter ice cream, but have never tried Tillamook...

Fall is definitely on its way in my neck of the woods...and it is my favorite season of the year. :)

Thank you for sharing that awesome quote by President Jefferson. Great reminder!

The dB family said...

So completely adorable! Hooray for work for Kerry! As for peanut better ice cream, well, let's just say, this summer I ate an entire box myself. Way to go Gunnar!! That is awesome! Hmmm, break outs. It's becoming the norm here. Love the teen years, yeah :o)! I won't say a word :o)!

Have a safe, dry, and blessed week!