Friday, September 17, 2010

In Which I am Busy Like a One-Armed Paper Hanger

... in a wind storm.

Isn't that how the saying goes?

I'm still a bit tired and possibly - just possibly - rambling a bit, here.

We're just back from our camping trip.  More about that when Kerry downloads his pics, though the camera wasn't working properly after about the third day, so don't expect much.  There will be no visual evidence of the feast at Zeke's Drive In (an oasis of burgery goodness- a classic! and it's still going after all these years!) the two-headed turtle, the S'mores made with melted peanut butter cups, or how many of The World's 10 Deadliest Snakes that we saw.

I had to sidle cautiously past the looming mountain of laundry to reach my computer, and I'm trying to get caught up (stop laughing!) and ready to launch back into school next week.  And we have soccer tomorrow.

Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I don't like to announce in advance that I'm (we're) going to be gone for a week.  I even scheduled the last couple of posts to appear while I was gone... which was why it took awhile to get the comments posted.  You guys are so much fun :D  And - really - I don't read your blogs with proof-reading in mind ;D!  And, HSAT (having said all that), I'll probably go back to that post and find all manner of mistakes.

Meanwhile, the little grasshoppers have almost a totally free day today, and are pestering me to let them have some computer time.  *sigh* 

And why is it that when I have at least SEVEN loads of laundry to do, it's too wet outside to hang them on the line?  Because everything needs to be washed. EVERYTHING.  You see, I like campfires, but I hate smelling like one.  Is it just me?


Felicity said...

I hate smelling like smoke too!
And I'm really interested in those s'mores!!

Q said...

Not announcing to the world in general that you're going to be gone for a week is simply common sense, and no - campfire is one thing, the smoke in the clothes (or hair, in my case) is another!

melanie said...

ha ha - got me - At one point I thought MAYbe these are preposted posts ;-)

And I think I remember when you went to Oregon w/out Kerry you mentioned camping with him in Sept.. My detective skills are a bit pathetic after the fact.

Leftover campfire smoke is just not the same as being there. Altho' I love my hubby's 'charcoal' aftershave aftergrilling ;-)

Glad you enjoyed your camping ~ and escaped with your skins =D

Organizing Mommy said...

Glad you are back!! slideled past.. very eloquent writing. Are you dipping into Shakespeare or something??

The dB family said...

You could be like me and go to the laundromat :o). Of course I had no choice. Thankfully I could bring my loads home and line dry them. That is super frustrating when you have Mt. Laundry and it rains.

Love how you do the pre-posted posts. I do that too.

I love the smell of campfire smoke until we get home. Glad you had a great time!