Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Tis the Season

Soccer season, that is.  Time to get back in the dinner's-in-the-crockpot groove.

The league put on a free two-hour clinic tonight and I took all three boys.

Even though I feel rotten.

Yay, me.

Gunnar heard from his coach and is thrilled to be with the same group as always, but the other two boys have a bit of a change.

Wyatt's team (a combined U13/U14) looked to be short a few boys... and a coach, and Tate's age group (U12) had more than plenty of boys for one team, but not enough for two.  So Tate's coach from last year agreed to move up to the U13/14 team with his U12 son, and since Tate has played with this coach before and has a brother on the team, he got invited to "play up". 

I think the registrar must think like me - very practically - because my first thought was not, Oh, I hope Tate can handle playing with the Big Boys, but Oh!  Hurray!  Two boys will have the same practice and game times!  Woo-hoo!  You know, because that means we'll basically have 2/3 the chaos we usually have during soccer season.

And in other news...

I feel really, really rotten.

Yes, I already mentioned that, didn't I?

Going to lay low (lie low?  lay low?) for the next couple days in hopes of feeling much better by Sunday.  It's nothing worrisome - just a bad cold.  Gunnar is hacking too.

Prayers are welcome :oP


Choate Family said...

Sleep is a good thing :-)

Anonymous said...

I only had one son interested in sports and that was enough for this mom.....though my daughter went gung ho when she was able. I would have thought the very same thing..YEAH for less chaos.
It is a nasty cold/flu bug moving through...take it easy....I really felt that if I pushed myself I'd wind up with pnuemonia (that word always escapes me). Take care of yourself.... you must for your boys!

Diane...of Salem way!

melanie said...

Go, you amazing soccer mom! =)
Really glad to hear about the 2/3 chaos (I've been avoiding parks/rec sports for a while now myself ~ We have four in the youth group - each with a diff small 'DIA group' - thank you)
But so sorry you have the crud! Maybe you need another week at the Oregon beach to soak in the sun?!

leah said...

I love fall. Except for the annual germ-fest that seems to happen at this time of year- I'm saying a prayer for you and Gunnar, so that you recover quickly from whatever virus is circulating!

Have fun with soccer (we start soccer next year, with both boys). In a way, I can't wait. In another way, I'm sort of glad I have another year before "soccer chaos" kicks in!

The dB family said...

Woo hoo! Even 1/3 less the chaos will make a positive difference I'm sure. Still praying you feel better!


Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Hope you're feeling better by now! I know what it is like to wish it would rain so practice is cancelled. I am not there yet, but I will be in a week or two. ;)

Good luck with your season!