Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Brain Dump

At least I think it's Thursday.  I'm so discombobulated this week I'm not sure.  But since we're going to Seattle for the rehearsal dinner tonight, it must be.  My brain cells are clearly spread far too thin this week.  And why would that be?  I thought you'd never ask...

1.  We started our (almost) full school schedule this week, and that's always smooth sailing.  (See my eyes rolling?)  Except when you take Monday off because...

2.  Hello!  It's a holiday!  And we have a lake that needs swimming and boating in, meat that needs barbecued, and family and friends to lounge on the deck with.  And we have priorities, people.  But the rest of the week should go fine, right?  Except...

3.  In all my meticulous planning I managed to forget that all three boys had dental appointments Tuesday morning.  While Tate and Gunnar got a lot of schoolwork done in the waiting room, Mr. High-Strung-Bundle-of-Stress decided that pacing nervously for 60-90 minutes was a good use of his time.

I may exaggerate a little.  But not much.

Also, he really liked the nitrous oxide.  Should I be worried?

4.  I've concluded that my children photosynthesize.  How else would they grow so much over the summer?  The clothes I had chosen for Gunnar to wear to the wedding?  Well, if the wedding was in a flood-zone we'd be good to go, but since it's not, we had to find something else.  And you know how much I like going to Stuffmart when I could be at the lake.

5.  Oh, and the long-sleeve shirts I thought all the boys would wear to a September wedding?  Yah.  It's supposed to be 85 and humid.  You southerners can quit laughing.  That's hot for us!

6.  Yah, and P.S.  The Mariners have home games both the night of the rehearsal and the night of the wedding, which is in west Seattle (means driving past the stadium).  And bumper-to-bumper traffic makes everything more fun!

7.  Shortly after the wedding we have another big event coming up, which is requiring a great deal of planning and prep work on my part, in all my spare time.  We'll talk about it later.  And, NO, I'm not pregnant.  Although, noting that STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards, I understand how you could make that mistake.  (We call it Therapeutic Chocolate.)

8.  And just in case I don't have enough plates spinning, Wyatt and Tate came home from CAP giddy with excitement.  They've been promoted (well done, guys!) and are invited and "encouraged to attend" a SAREX training.  This weekend.  They're supposed to report for duty on Friday evening for gear check, but - since that will be impossible - they're graciously allowed to join the group the next morning.  At 0545 hours.  No, I am not kidding.  They are absolutely ecstatic about this.

The upside of this is that I've never seen Wyatt so motivated to get his schoolwork done.  Because that is (my) condition of them going.

Saturday may find me sitting in a chair, babbling incoherently.  Or trying to beat back the chaos in my office.  Either way, I'm sure there will be chocolate.

Hallelujah and Amen.


Felicity said...

Sounds very busy!!
My boys have all sprung up during the winter. I hope summer won't make them grow even faster...

I hope you stay sane..


melanie said...

Who needs lions or tigers or bears??

Kat said...

This post made me giggle and stress out for you all at the same time! Safe travels to Seattle and remember...chocolate is always better with a little bit of peanut butter or pretzels!

Anonymous said...

We're flooding too, so to speak.

85. I can only dream.

WOO HOO! Congratulations to the gentlemen on their first advancement. How EXCITING! Will be feeling your pain at the 0545 thing.

Praying you through this business!

Choate Family said...

Oh, I'm having so much fun catching up on your blog! As always, you've got me smiling :-) Hope the wedding weekend is a blast!

Ruby said...

Girl, if you can write a post of that length, and seemingly in order, all making sense though we grasp your tension level, then I think you have it all marvellously together!It's Friday here at any rate :-)

The dB family said...

Hooray for promotions -- and chocolate! I hear you on the photosynthesis thing!