Thursday, February 6, 2014

Eight Degrees

That's what my thermometer said this morning.
Which would explain the flannel sheets,
down comforter,
AND quilt
on my bed.

I think I go into hibernation every night.

But hurray for sunny weather and getting out for walks
with my walking buddy!


I know the sunshine - all that glorious light -
brightens my mood.
But you know why else I'm happy?

Snow in the hills...

I already sold one of the quilts!
It's on its way to Maine,
to my bloggy friend Rebecca,
who has an ADORABLE little grand-daughter.

Is it a squirrel's nest?
Looks like one, but so low to the ground?

Also, other than getting a little bit behind on our schoolwork
due to an unexpected visit yesterday,
(neighbor boy, also homeschooled, locked himself out of his house
- did I mention it was eight degrees this morning? -
while his mom was out shopping for his birthday,
and spent four hours with us),
the week is going pretty well.

(Diagram THAT sentence, I dare you.)

Ice heave - water crystals pushing up through the dirt.

We made it to choir practice, Wyatt got promoted at CAP on Tuesday,
we read a chapter of our latest book together,
(That Hideous Strength, the third of the C.S.Lewis Space Trilogy)... 

Gunnar spotted a loon on the partially-frozen pond.

... the boys are looking forward to visiting Whidbey NAS tomorrow,
(we have a friend who is a P-3 Orion pilot and wants to show them all around!),

Full of water again.

... we're looking forward to our annual LOTR marathon this weekend.

Lots of team spirit around the neighborhood!

And if I get my act together
maybe I could sew up another quilt tomorrow
and be able to finish it (hand binding) while watching the movies.


Amazing ice crystals in a damp spot of the lawn.

The boys are just happy that I still have a couple little bags
of Cadbury Eggs (from last Easter)
locked up in reserve, because apparently

one must have Cadbury eggs with LOTR

at least in my family.
And cheesy snack mix.

And maybe Lembas bread, if I can find a recipe that sounds appealing.
(Chia seeds?  Surely you jest.)

Happy Day!


Magic Ear Kids said...

I think we had 12 this morning. I'm ready for spring. And the cadbury mini eggs!

sara said...

What a cheerful post! Congratulations on selling a quilt! I am getting happy and confused because it's still light at 5:30. Cold though. It is pretty and sparkly when I can make myself go out.

Joyful Reader said...

What a great post! I enjoyed it very much! :) Congrats on selling that quilt! I hope you got what you needed out of it.
They say that the higher the squirrel's nest the worse the winter will be. If that's a squirrel's nest we should be having a pretty great winter. Ummm, NOT! They also say the LOWER the beehives to the ground the worse the winter will be. Saw that this fall too.
Diagram a sentence?! {{sigh}} that is stored way back in the unused memory space! LOL!
Hope you all have a great weekend!

The dB family said...

Do you get the ice crystals because you get little to no snow? I've never seen them around here, but then again, I confess I don't do much walking in the winter.
We have fleece sheets and I LOVE them! Hooray for selling a quilt already! They really are very pretty!