Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snowed In Sunday


Just when the boys had given up (on more snow)
and resigned themselves that we were heading
for a cold, wet spring...

ta daaaaa :D

Woke to this out my window, and it's still coming down.

We had just a little snow Friday night and Saturday,
and as I drove the boys to a CAP event yesterday morning
we found a Christmas cd still in the car.
We arrived at the Guard Building
bopping along with Frank Sinatra singing
Jingle Bells.

Why not ;D

They've had a full weekend.

Friday they were invited to bring a small group of their CAP friends
down to Whidbey NAS.
We have a good friend stationed there -
a P-3 Orion pilot -
who showed them some interesting things around the base,
got them up in the flight control tower,
into one of the P-3s to look around,
AND into the P-3 simulator.

So much fun!

They got back from that kind of late,
and then had a CAP training event all day yesterday.
So, as much as we love our chapel,
we were a bit relieved when one of the elders called this morning
and said they'd cancelled church today.

Wyatt's getting caught up on some schoolwork.
Tate and Gunnar had some screen time
and are heading out to play in the snow.
Kerry is probably taking a nap -
he's not feeling great.

I've got elk stew bubbling in the crock-pot for later,
and the boys have requested some home-made bread.

It's a good day :D

I've been outside,
as you can tell from the pics.
The ones just above are future lilacs
in my neighbor's yard.

And my snowdrops are poking right up
through the snow.

Snow on everything.

So thankful for my cozy, warm house :D


melanie said...

Fresh snow always looks so lovely doesn't it? espec if you don't have to drive in it :-)

Hope you all have a nice restful day at home ~

Rebecca D said...

Pretty but if you send that storm across to us I will be very upset! ;) I love winter, but I am pretty much done with it even though I have over a month of winter weather left ahead of me!!

Joyful Reader said...

Oh goodness! Isn't it wonderful how God "makes us" take a day of rest? Just being at home with family and a good warm house with yummy food?! As much as I am ready for spring those pictures are beautiful! I hope that doesn't affect the lilac blooms later! those are my favorite spring smell.

Choate Family said...

What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are always so gorgeous (no pressure!) and make me want to come visit you :-)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Joanna - I have a Canon EOS 30D (digital). I don't utilize a fraction of what it can do. Maybe someday I'll take a class, but for now I'm thrilled with just taking ANY pictures :D

The dB family said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! I am always amazed at how mature and wild (as in wilderness) looking your subdivision is. I just love it!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I DO love the snow, because there's nowhere I need to go ;D The days off were LOVELY -Sunday and Monday both.

And Deborah, this neighborhood IS pretty old. Our house was built in 1902, and is one of the older ones in the neighborhood, but the mature trees make all the difference, don't they?