Saturday, February 15, 2014


In case I haven't mentioned it (!), we've had a kind of crazy week.  Makes me so thankful for homeschooling - that we can be that flexible.  Tate and Gunnar and I usually get through their schoolwork in four days, leaving Friday for... whatever.

Not so this week.

Well, Tuesday always gets disrupted because Gunnar has a job - he babysits a two-year-old for about an hour and a half.  And he really does the work; I'm just here as back-up.  He does an awesome job - well worth disrupting his school week to get real-world work experience.  And it sure helped his confidence recently when we were visiting with a neighbor who manages the local Olive Garden.  He was actually talking with Wyatt about a potential job and about previous work experience.  He said they view experience baby-sitting very highly, because it says that you're worthy of being trusted with people's lives.  Yes!

So Tuesday gets disrupted, but we're good with that.
School work completed on Tuesday?  About 75%.

Also this week, a friend from church asked if we could watch a couple of her kids on Wednesday.  No problem - I've helped her out before if she wanted to meet a friend for lunch or something.  She has five kids, she deserves a break from time to time, you know?  But this was no lunch meeting.  She had a one-day acting job in Seattle - fun!  So Gunnar and I had her two youngest kids (just turned four, and eight months) for ten hours on Wednesday.
School work completed on Wednesday?  0%.

Thursday we made our mid-morning trek to Costco, which totally boogered up our day.  I like to get there right when they open because it's typically much less crowded.  So we cranked out some morning work and were waiting at their door at 9:30... only to find they've changed their hours and don't open until 10.  So... we sat out the rainstorm in the van, amusing ourselves with Stink Pinks and Fannee Doolees.  And by the time we got home, got everything unloaded and put away, and dashed back to the school to pick up Wyatt, none of us had brain power left for school work.  Especially when it involved formulas with mass and acceleration and kinetic friction force and figuring out Newtons are something like kilograms divided by seconds squared times ... I don't know.  Times something else.
Schoolwork completed on Thursday?  About 30%.

Which brought us to Friday.  Tate and I triumphed over Newtons (at least briefly.  Don't ask me to explain it to you.)  He did well enough on his science test that we can leave force, mass and acceleration for another go-round when he's older.  Gunnar must have accomplished something, but darned if I can remember what, because guess what?  The boys decided to go see the new LEGO movie.  And I let them.  In the middle of the day on Friday.  Because, why not?  No crowds, and they can finish their work the next day, right?
Schoolwork completed on Friday?  About 50% of what was left.

And now, at 12:30 on Saturday, we're DONE.

And now, at 12:31 on Saturday, I've exposed any illusions you might have hung onto about me being really disciplined and organized ;D

And now - whoops - Saturday is going sideways... in a good way.  Wyatt and Tate just got called out to find an ELT that's going off at the airport.  Probably just a pilot that had a rough landing and doesn't know it's going off, but - hey! - it's

a mission.

And they could earn a CAP "Find" ribbon.  Which would be awesome.

So off we go again.


Choate Family said...

I do LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling!

melanie said...

Oh, but actually FINISHING the week IS an awesome display of self-discipline and perseverance -- amidst several ministry opportunities TAKEN. Y'all win the prize in my book! :D

Rebecca D said...

There were whole weeks that went by that we did very little... Then there were the weeks we did tons. I kinda figured as long as we got to the end of the text by summer were were good. My number one frustration? I found out they NEVER (or very, very rarely) finish the text in public/private schools... either they skip around or just don't finish it! I can't tell you how many times we were wrapping up the last chapter of something in late June or even early July... I guess I was too OCD to just not finish the text!

The dB family said...

Yup! Gotta love homeschooling! I have suddenly been toying with going back to homeschooling. Sadly I have almost no curriculum left. Will have to pray about it though. Not sure I have enough sanity/patience for it anymore.


Ann said...

I think I've come to conclusion that if we ever have a school week that is NOT disrupted in one way or another, we won't know what to do with ourselves!! Yay for flexibility! (And so impressed that you managed to get it all done!)