Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Brain Dump and a Surprise

Well, we got a surprise anyway.

1.  The view out the window.  That was what I was going to show you - the view out the window.  It tantalizes the boys to look out their window and see this:

The view from the boys' window

Snow.  Up in the hills just above us.  Out of reach.
But - lo! - we woke to this:

Still dark, early this morning.

Much to Wyatt's dismay, school was not cancelled.
I wonder if Superintendent McTwitchy got some flak for
closing the schools back in December?
Nobody likes make-up days in June.

Gunnar likes this tree, in spite of the garbage bag the wind deposited in the branches

Plus, hello... this is not Atlanta.
In this neck of the woods,
civilization doesn't come to a screeching halt
over a dusting of snow.  ;D

2.  Thanks so much for all your input on quilts and pricing.  I really appreciate having such encouraging friends :D 

See how the tops of the hills look all smudgy?  That's more snow falling.

3.  Wyatt earned another promotion, at CAP.  Not a great pic, but a fun memory.  Now I have two Cadet Senior Master Sergeants in the house.

Wyatt's promotion

And here are his footprints, heading off to the bus.

Making tracks for school...

4.  This kid cracks me up.  He reads.  A LOT.  

Different days, different books, different sweats...
same boy, same chair, but - even better!- with cocoa,
which he prefers to drink with a straw.

Because, of course.

And here he is, building a zoo out of blocks for all the little plastic animals,
with his buddy, Sammy.

I love how they were both concentrating.
Sammy was aware of me with the camera,
and would occasionally put up his hand and tell me,
"Not ready, not ready."

Apparently, the zoo wasn't quite ready to receive visitors.

Gunnar, babysitting

5.  Recognize this?  I think I've shown it before on snowy days.
Maybe the lone, ill-aimed suction-tip Nerf dart will give it away...
it's our skylight, with a dusting of snow.

Look up!

I love the warm glow on snowy mornings, when the sun first comes up.
Out my office window...

In the boys' room

6.  I know I'm craving light.  Love, love, love the way the snow sparkles in the sunlight.

Icy road...

Out the living room window.

7.  I'm not big on decorating for Valentine's Day.
Probably because pink and cutesie aren't my native language.
And fat babies armed with bows and arrows are, well...
kind of disturbing, to tell the truth.

But the house seemed so bare without all the Christmas/winter stuff.
And red is always good, yah?

So I made this.  For me.

In the dining room.

All three blocks are the same.  I'm hoping they'll look like stars at Christmas, like snowflakes after Christmas, and maybe even like fireworks around Independence Day.

I think the block is called Sisters Choice.

Sisters Choice

8.  TMI?  Morning sun in the bedroom...
Now you know the truth.

The bed isn't made.

(My mom is hanging her head in shame.)
Well, there's still someone in it when I get up and get going!

But doesn't that look cozy?

We got new, blue flannel sheets for Christmas (thanks, Mom!)
The white down comforter is peeking out at the top.
And my quilt - maybe I made it bigger than necessary? -
covers the whole bed in snuggly comfort.

And that's my scattered thoughts for the morning.



Monica said...

I love your pictures and humor! Thanks for sharing all that great scenery.

Wilma said...

I love the colors of the quilt on your bed! They are my favorites. Where do you purchase fabrics? Have a wonderful weekend!

melanie said...

What a great way to add a pop of red to your house! :-)

Was there enough snow to go out and play in it? Have you seen the videos of the homemade luge tracks?? {one in MN, and the other might have been in WI} They look like SO much fun ~ the kids thought they could do something similar here on a hill in the pasture if we had enough snow.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Melanie, I haven't seen the luge vids - have to look! My next door neighbor did something like that when we wee kids - so much fun!

Wilma, I get most of my fabric at JoAnns (coupons! 50% off!) but the quilt on my bed was made from special designer fabric - a line called "Simple Color" by Vanessa Christenson. That line had an array of ombre fabric - it went from dark to light to dark across the width of the fabric, so all the pieces were cut off the same bolt of cloth and blended really well.

Leslie said...

I love the quilt pictured here, too. The colors of your fabric are perfect and I love a large quilt. I don't make them but when I buy them I get a king size for our queen.

The dB family said...

I love both your quilts! I do think the runner will be good for many occasions. I went with mostly earthy reds for Valentine's Day. Even with six girls I do not automatically gravitate to pink -- except on them and in their rooms.