Thursday, February 27, 2014


That's what my poor dogwood looked like with a huge load of wet snow bending the branches over.

And that's what the driveway looked like right before Kerry suggested to Wyatt that he ought to roll the van back a few feet.

And that's what happened right before one of those big branches broke off and landed on the pavement instead of breaking the front windshield.


Joyful Reader said...

Oh i hope we don't get any of that! Good thinking!

Crystal said...

Oh my! Good timing.

Q said...

Can't even imagine!

Choate Family said...

Thank you, Lord, for prompting Kerry! And now I notice the pretty little green triangle under the eaves of your house - beautiful with the brilliant blue :-)

sara said...

Thanking God with you.

BTW, I lived for years with a lopsided dogwood. It's the little things that drive me batty. :)