Thursday, November 5, 2009

It Is Finished - Wyatt

You may recall, from my recent "Soccer Updates" that we were closing in on the end of the season.

Yes, I love watching my boys play soccer.  I love what a good experience it is for them to develop skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  I love that they are usually pretty good about being gracious winners and gracious losers.  And I really, really love all the energy they burn off at the practices and the games.

But I also really, really, really love that we're done for awhile.  :0)

Having posted very few pictures through the season, let me give you a peek.

Wyatt's league (a combined U13 and U14) didn't have enough teams with enough players to play outdoor, so they had an indoor league.  (Less players on the field at a time.)  It's very difficult to get good pics in the sportsplex, because the lighting is so dim.  I think my sister did a great job, getting these!

The boys sprayed their hair with purple (and orange, for some reason) temporary hair color.

Wyatt, getting the ball out of the area near the goal.

I love that size really doesn't matter very much in soccer.  Even though Wyatt is one of the oldest kids in this league, he's still one of the smallest.  I love watching him swoop in and out from around the bigger, slower boys.

"Excuse me, while I take this ball from you."

Looking pretty happy and just a bit proud of himself.  :0)


leah said...

Sometimes smaller players are more agile! The pictures are great- a great job for dim lighting conditions!

Deborah said...

In the end I think you got lots of great photos of all the boys! Indoor lighting in large buildings is especially hard to get. Your sister did a great job! I love the expressions on their faces! You can tell they have a real love for the game.