Monday, November 23, 2009

Simple Woman #37

FOR TODAY    November 23, 2009

Outside my window...  Gray.

I am thinking...  this day is off to a slow start.

I am thankful for...  my family, my church family... HOME.

I am praying for...  our friends in Africa, battling germs, fevers, and nightmares.  You can see their blogs HERE.   Read "A Shortness Of Breath."

I am wearing...  oh mercy.  Sweats. A turtle-neck.  Thick socks.  Anything to make me feel cozy today.

I am creating...  starting another quilt, but not ready to post pictures.

I need to make a lot of squares that are divided into two triangles.  Simple, yes?

And I found instructions of how to pin two larger squares together, draw lines, sew next to the lines, cut, etc. and make eight at once.  Woo-hoo!  I followed them exactly, and it worked.

But, using their exact measurements and the requisite 1/4" seam allowance, all the squares came out exactly 1/2" too big.  I triple checked.  They must have done it on purpose, so you don't end up with them too small and not be able to use them???  But now I have to trim every single square, and it wasted a lot of fabric.  *sigh*

I am going...  to rehearsal tonight.

I am reading...  multiple accounts, from the 1700's, of children captured by Indians.  Many were adopted into a tribe to replace someone who had died.  Very interesting.

I am hoping...  that Gramma Grasshopper makes the stuffing in muffin tins again this year.  You know, so we don't have to compete for graciously let someone-else-who-got-there-first have the crispy corners.

I am hearing...  three boys doing Mad Libs.  And giggling madly.  Because they think I'm not listening (not that it would matter much) they are using verbs like "flatulating", and nouns like "droppings", and other stuff that boys think is hysterical.

I am remembering...  last night our church had a pot-luck dinner and a Thanksgiving service.  It was wonderful.  We sang together (folks from the chapel really sing... I love that!), and several people shared prayers, poems, stories, etc.  It was a good balance of letting people express their thanks and praise, but not a free-for-all.  (Way to go, Pastor Bert and everyone.)

The only "downside" is that the acoustics at the facility we were using are horrible.  Tate couldn't make out a thing anyone said, and it was hard for the rest of us too.

As we all finished singing "For the Beauty of the Earth" Gunnar kind of looked around and asked, "Is there a piano in here?"

I pointed it out, and Mrs. Gibson, seated on the bench.  His eyes widened in surprise, as if he hadn't seen her nearly every Sunday, and he said, "She's pretty good!"

From the learning rooms...  Order of operations (pre-algebra), naming quadrilaterals, multiplying by 5, farming in the 1700's,  finishing "Fizz, Bubble and Flash", Audobon and Wyeth, and Thanksgiving devotions.

From the kitchen...  oh I love my crock-pot!

Around the house...  just a few more days of gourds and Indian corn and Pumpkin Spice candles.  Mmmmm. :0)

On my mind...  Oh my.  If I have to take a long time to come up with something, what does that say about me?

Noticing that...  Gunnar still does this funny thing with his mouth when he's concentrating.  He really gives his jaw a work-out!

Pondering these words...  "Repentance is coming to your senses and going home."  Pastor Bert, yesterday's sermon on the Prodigal Son.  He's been going through Luke for quite some time now, so I don't think that he picked this passage particularly for this week.  Such a familiar story.  But I had never before seen how wonderfully appropriate it is for Thanksgiving.  Amen.

One of my favorite things...  pumpkin pie. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...  going to my brother's for Thanksgiving, and then cleaning the house from top to bottom, to decorate for Christmas :0)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Tate's (and Grandma's)
Pirate Party!!!



Liz Tolsma said...

I enjoyed your blog. Crock pot cooking is the best. I'd be lost without mine. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Cutzi said...

Stuffing in muffin tins? Brilliant.

I'm totally laughing at Gunnar's comments about the piano.

Poor Tate. I was thinking about him while everyone was talking last night.

leah said...

Love the pirate party! The chronicles of kids kidnapped by Indians sounds really interesting.

I love the stuffing in muffin tins! One of the moms in Nolan's 2x2's class makes meatloaf in mini-muffin tins. Her kids eat it better that way!

Patty said...

Enjoyed your daybook. I like the words you are pondering, "Repentance is coming to your senses and going home."

I usually do dressing instead of stuffing (a bit different). I'm wondering if dressing would work in muffin tins as well. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Your kids are pretty little yet, but they'd probably be interested later. We've read some very interesting stories about "adventures" from your neck of the woods!

"Your neck of the woods" being a relative term, coming from someone on the Pacific side of the country...