Monday, November 30, 2009

Simple Woman #38

FOR TODAY  November 30, 2009

Outside my window...
     "Gray day, everything is gray.
      I watch, but nothing moves today."

I am thinking...  this is the last post of NOVEMBER!

I am thankful for...  a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.  That the boys are getting it.  That they, too, are thankful.  I know, I know, they really don't know how good they have it.  And for that also I am thankful.

I am praying for...  Grampa Grasshopper, away in Arizona, hunting elk.

I am wearing...  jeans, mock turtle-neck, Christmas sweater :0)

I am creating...  Christmas gifts.  Being vague on purpose :0)

I am going...  to Moms in Touch and later to the last rehearsal.  Performances on Friday and Saturday!

I am reading...  Little Town on the Prairie.  So much more fun than The Long Winter!

I am hoping...  Messiah performances go well, as well as the ever-popular Tuba Christmas, on Saturday.  Oom-pah-pah.

I am hearing...  Wyatt practicing piano - Go Tell It On the Mountain, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

I am remembering...  how much snow we had last December, and (don't tell the boys) hoping that we don't have a repeat of that!  At least not right at Christmas.

From the learning rooms...  planning a bit more wiggle room into our schedule for December.  I started to right "a laxer schedule" but that didn't sound right... too much like Ex-lax, or something.  Ew. 

From the kitchen...  elk roast, potatoes, veggies... in the crockpot :0)

Around the house... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (sing along!)

On my mind...  lots to do this week, and then I want to make my list... what to do this Christmas season.  Some years we have an Open House and other years we just try to invite friends over often.  With two Messiah performances the same weekend as Tuba Christmas, I'm leaning toward the latter.

Noticing that...  starting to see Christmas lights up around the neighborhood :0)

Pondering these words... 
Of the Father's love begotten
Ere the worlds began to be,
He is Alpha and Omega,
He the Source, the Ending He,
Of the things that are, that have been,
And that future years shall see
Evermore and evermore.

One of my favorite things... finishing things.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  Moms in Touch, rehearsal, piano lesson, AWANA, getting a Christmas tree, PTO Day, Messiah, Tuba Christmas, Messiah again... and more I'm forgetting.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... 

Thanksgiving Day


Kim said...

My boys are also excited for snow, in fact my youngest son is praying for snow... much to my dismay. :)
I enjoyed your daybook, your joy bounces from the "page".
Have a great grasshopper week.

A Gracious Home said...

That is a wonderful picture. Three sons, what a blessing. I love the Christmas music bands play. I miss having children in band. Doylene

Patty said...

I found myself smiling as I read your daybook. I hope your week goes well. Have a great day.

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh Elk! yum! Send some my way. We just had moose tonight. Feel like a real prairie nordic woman. Nice photo of your family. Feels good to see you all together. Wish we could connect in real life some time.

Deborah said...

I did sing along!

How I would love to hear a live performance of The Messiah.