Saturday, November 21, 2009


I haven't been online much this week.  I could blame it on homeschooling, but that isn't it.

I could blame it on the wind, which has knocked our power off at least twice, nearly every day this week.  It doesn't stay off long, but tends to 'surge' when it comes back on.  (Plus we've had thunder and lightning again.)  So I've had the computer and my sewing machine unplugged a lot.  But that really isn't it either.

Actually, I've been busy this week, on my annual turkey hunt.  No, I'm not out in the wilderness with a weapon.  I've been driving around town, armed with coupons, buying turkeys.  I have five in my freezer, and I may go get another one tomorrow.

Go ahead, laugh.

I cook them all year.  And at 27 cents/pound it's a pretty good deal :0)  One grocery store chain offers a sack full of "fixings" (stuffing, cranberry, a can of beans, can of chicken broth, cream of mushroom soup, gravy mix, brown and serve rolls, and 5# of potatoes) and a turkey, up to 20#, for 20 bucks.  Bring it on!

Having turkey pot pies in my freezer is my "defense" against ordering take-out when I just can't stand to even think of what to make.  I keep bags of cooked, chopped turkey in the small freezer to use in recipes instead of chicken.

I will not, however, be attempting the alternate cooking method, involving halved lemons, suggested in a 'recipe' my mom forwarded.

And, in other news, we're still reading through the "Little House" books.  And still liking it.  Although right now we're reading "The Long Winter", and let me tell you, it's grueling just to read it.  Much less to live through it.  Seven months of blizzards.  With the wind howling around here lately, I have to turn the heat up to 70F every evening we read!

The boys are really into it.  At odd moments through the day they'll say thing like, "What would Laura have thought if she could see...." and then fill in the blank with things we take for granted.  Watching a movie.  Going to the grocery store.  Indoor plumbing.

Of course, they never mention that in the books, and curious minds want to know!  They shared some pretty small spaces, as a family, and never once mention an outhouse or a chamber pot.

But maybe I'm thinking like the boys.


Cutzi said...

Oh Julie! Seriously. I was not expecting to see that when I scrolled down. Hilarious.

So..please do share the best turkey deal in town. I'm not sure I'll buy five but a couple would make me very happy. ;-)

leah said...

I love the cheap turkey deals! We have two in our freezer, because we can only fit two into our freezer. We got the fridge/freezer with the house, and it has almost NO room (very tiny). When we get a new one in a few years, I'm going to look for a bigger freezer portion on the refrigerators!

My grandmother lived for a year in Missouri after marrying my grandfather- they still had outhouses in 1945. She has tales of running to the outhouse in freezing weather in the middle of the night. Also, she had helped to hand-raise some newborn pigs, and they thought she was their mother.Of course, they grew up. And they still loved her. So she had to race over-enthusiastic pigs at night, and would get into the outhouse as their hooves pounded against the door.

I am VERY grateful for indoor plumbing!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Me too!

Deborah said...

I do the turkey thing too! They often go half off after Thanksgiving and Christmas. I snap 'em up :o)! Yum, turkey pot pies! Can't say I've ever done a turkey quite like the one in your photo though. I almost fell off my chair when I saw that one! Lol!