Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wa-WAH! - Gunnar

Gunnar loves to play soccer... because it's fun and he's with his friends, but he doesn't have that competitive fire that drives his brothers.  Still, he's made great strides this year in diving right into the action and not being afraid to mix it up a bit with the other boys.

In fact, he's concentrating so hard that (look at his hands) in one game he gave himself a blister... on his thumb!  I think he was clenching his fists to make himself go faster!

He described the action here like this:
In this picture one of my teammates and I are tryin' to get a goal.  I have the ball.  Hayden, like we were trained, is going to run up to the goal so I can pass it to him.  But I don't remember if we scored that time or not.

Yes, usually his eyes are open!  It was sunny and very windy.

Staying warm on the sidelines.


leah said...

Gunnar looks like he's having a lot of fun, even with all the wind and sun!

Matt will be 4 1/2 next summer and can start a "beehive league." Not sure if that's too young to really get them into soccer, but I'm thinking about it. Might give him another avenue to run off all that energy!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Go for it! He'll probably have a ball... pun intended :0)

That's funny that they call it a "beehive league", because we sometimes call little-kid soccer "bee ball", because they all swarm the ball like a bunch of bees, rather than playing positions and passing!

It really is a lot of fun :0)