Monday, November 23, 2009

The Marvelous Muffin Tin

Oh, I feel smart here... let me enjoy this brief moment, while it lasts.

I mentioned in my Simple Woman post, below, that I was hoping my mom will make the stuffing (or dressing... whatever) in muffin tins.

This is one of the little quirks of our family.  We don't cook the stuffing inside the turkey.  The very thought of that frankly grosses me out, and it has more potential for things being underdone.  No thank you.

For years we've made it in your basic pyrex casserole dish.  No problem.  Except that many of us, (certainly more than four of us!), really like the crispy corners.  So, I thought to myself one year, what if we made the stuffing in muffin tins?  It's already in nice portions, and everyone can have it a little crispy!  It's win-win :0)  Except that you need more muffin tins to equal one casserole dish, and sometimes oven space is at a premium, so it's not perfect.  But it's good :0)

And the muffin tin is sadly under-appreciated in many homes, so I thought I'd mention just a few things we've done with muffin tins.

1.  Make muffins.  (Well, duh.)
2.  And cupcakes.  (Double duh.)
3.  Stuffing.
4.  Meatloaf.  Cooks faster, and - again - I like the browned edges.
5.  Make Rice-Krispie treats, again... already portioned.
6.  Sorting Lite-Brite pegs.
7.  Carry drinks to the picnic table.
8.  Hold paints.
9. Perfect for kids to carry at a pot-luck dinner.  It won't bend and sag, like a paper plate, they can put their drink (in a cup!) in one cup, and - best of all - their foods won't touch each other! 
10.  Even better for a soup potluck.  You don't have to pick just one; have a little taste of several.



Anonymous said...

I make little mini broccoli quiches in mine for the same reason... crispy edges!

Ruby said...

Yes, definately under valued!!
We use them to make mini quiches and pies, too.
When the girls were small we divided their beads in colours for threading. The possibilities are endless.
Have a great day!

Cutzi said...

Again, brilliant.

Ann said...

How brilliant! And how obvious! I like crispy edges,too. I definitely will have to experiment more with my muffin pans. :-)

leah said...

Ooo- I never thought about making rice krispy treats in them. What a smart idea!

The Squirrel said...

1st. We don't cook the stuffing in the turkey, either. (Many recipes tell you not to, for health reasons)

2nd. Great uses for muffin tins. I have nothing to add.

Carry on.

(& Happy Thanksgiving to the Grasshopper Clan!)

Organizing Mommy said...

Oh, am I in the presence of Martha Stewart or what? Such cooking and creativity.. wow.