Thursday, November 5, 2009

That's a Wrap - Tate

After missing the first couple of games this season, due to his appendix, Tate made a fantastic come-back, and has been a joy to watch.  He is relentless; he never gives up.  And he's becoming much more aware of how the plays develop and is better able to position himself to intercept and disrupt his opponents.  He loves playing defense and "mid".

Refueling, with good old water!

One of Tate's coaches started calling him "The Pick-pocket".  He has a way of zooming in, out of nowhere, taking the ball away, and moving it upfield almost before his opponents know what has happened!

And win or lose, but especially win (!), Tate has a love for the game that oozes out his very pores.

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leah said...

I love that last picture- it screams "victory!" I guess soccer is over until next year!