Monday, November 16, 2009

Simple Woman #36

FOR TODAY     November 16, 2009

Outside my window... stormy, rainy weather again.  But it changes and changes.  (See the post below this one!)

I am thinking...   I tease my boys on days like this by saying, "It's such a lovely day!  ... to stay home!"  Seems like we have so much to do that I really love the days we don't go anywhere.

I am thankful for...  we celebrated Tate's and my mom's birthdays yesterday.  Actually, their birthdays were over a week ago, but with Wyatt and my brother and sister all in CA, this made more sense.  There were 13 of us at my sister's house for over 8 hours of "Pirate Party"!  She had really decorated and made it fun for Tate... and my mom is very tolerant :0)  It was all good, fun, delicious, etc. and I'm thankful for the work she put into hosting it.

And I was also thankful to get home, put the boys to bed, and have a QUIET house.

I am praying for...  praying for more work for Kerry.  God is faithful, I keep reminding myself, because I know it's true.  But I do wish he'd send a LOT of work.  Months and months worth.  Rather than sending it a little at a time.  (Hmmm, sort of like the daily manna...)

I am wearing...  jeans, sweater, wool socks.  Brrrr!

I am creating...  I'm getting my sewing stuff out again.  Not so much for Christmas stuff (probably too late for that) but I have two friends expecting in the next two months.

I am going...  rehearsal tonight, Wyatt's piano lesson tomorrow, and a concert Thursday night.

I am reading...  we're up to On the Shores of Silver Lake in the Little House books.

I am hoping...  for inspiration for a few Christmas gifts I still need to get.  I'd like to be done by Thanksgiving, but it isn't going to happen.

I am hearing...  since we remodeled and put in all new windows I hear a musical sound when the wind howls outside.  I don't know if it's to do with the windows (which is where I hear it) or the remodel in general.  If I get near the windows I can hear two notes - a fifth apart, and low on the scale, sort of moaning.  It's kind of cool.

I am remembering...  things I need to do; better add them to the list.

From the learning rooms...  King Phillip's War, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, making a magnetic compass from a sewing needle, drawing various leaves, Thanksgiving devotions, and writing Thank You's (Tate and Wyatt).

From the kitchen...  when I go out to rehearsal, Kerry is on dinner duty :0)

Around the house...  Tate is excited to put together his new lego kit and read his new birthday books, it's definitely time to implement my "chore plan" (which got sidetracked when Tate was hospitalized and then soccer season consumed us), and the laundry - *sigh* - awaits me.

On my mind...  the Christmas season is coming closer, and mostly I love that!  But I'm nowhere near meeting my goal of being done shopping by Thanksgiving.  I really, really like to have all the presents bought/made/organized before December so I don't feel rushed or pressured and I can set a slower, joyful pace for the holidays.

Noticing that...  no matter how much I do, the pile on my desk never seems to subside.  *sigh*

Pondering these words...  Gunnar, giving me a big, eight-year-old-boy, hug around the neck said, "Mom, I'm gonna strangle you with love!"  Take that as it was intended :0)

One of my favorite things...  crossing things off my list.  Yes!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Kerry really wanted me to show you the fungus.
We have a bumper crop this year.


amy said...

Hi there! I enjoyed snooping around on your blog. I landed on it by some circuitous route that began with a link my cousin sent me. My cousin Rena lives in Atlanta. She homescools and makes wonderful soap: Your picture, I think, is really pretty. From your picture and your words,you seem like someone I'd enjoy knowing. The scenes outside your window make me miss Corvallis, Oregon where we lived for eight years while going to OSU.We now live in Cody, Wyoming: cowboy country. We live about 40 miles outside the East gate of Yellowstone National Park. My husband is a Forester for the Forest Service and I am a Forest Pathologist who stays home with our 1 and 2 year old daughters. Our dream is to start a forestry consulting business near Colville,WA. It will take a great leap of faith to leave a well-paying federal job with outstanding insurance for such a big unknown. Thank you for posting great pictures and wonderful words!
Amy Eckert

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hi Amy,

glad to "meet" you.

Oooo, you live in beautiful country. I'm hoping to take the boys there on a vacation, but haven't made it yet.

I clicked on your name to "visit" your blog, but it wasn't public.

God bless :0)

Ann @ HouseOfEstrogen said...

Just visiting from Simple Woman's Daybook. LOVE your header photo! That is just beautiful... reminds me of a wonderful fall trip to New Mexico.

leah said...

Now there is a nice patch of mushrooms, lol! We get red and orange ones in our forests- all very poisonous, I'm sure.

You certainly have your share of fall birthdays- happy birthday to all!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Thanks - I like the pic too, and I didn't take it. It's from Western Colorado Publishing and I assume the pic is in Colorado.


Aubrey said...

Hi! I linked here from The Simple Woman's Daybook--the title Herding Grasshoppers caught my eye. It made me laugh too, especially when I read your description. It's so true!

I enjoyed your daybook. Thanks for sharing it!

Cheers from Nebraska! :)

quilt-n-mama said...

I always love stopping by! I took a moment to pray for work, I know how important that is and much needed by many!
I love the fungus picture! We saw some really neat fungus a few weeks ago hiking in Maryland in the mountains!
YOur boys always crack me up when I rad what you write about them:) Aren't boy hugs the best!
I hope you have a blessed week!

Deborah said...

I loved your "I am hearing...". I often pick up on those kinds of sounds too. Out house is not so melodic. It's more rattle-ly :o).

That it a beautiful bumper crop of fungus! Happy Birthday to all and praying Kerry will have lots of work soon!


Colleen said...

So glad you're sharing the Little House books with your guys. Why do some people assume they're only for girls? Pish posh!