Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morning Words

Gunnar often comes creeping into our bed in the morning, for a little snuggle.
He tells me things.

And I listen, though I can't say I'm actually awake.

This time it's All.  About.  Star Wars.

And it goes on, and on.  I nod and mmm-hmmm from time to time, until finally I say, "Gunnar, I really need to get up now."

He clutches my arm tightly and hugs me.

"Not yet, Mom, we have so much to talk about!"

The "we" part is a little fuzzy, but I am powerless to resist and snuggle back in with him.

There is more about Star Wars.  A great deal more.  And then,

"Mom, who's your favorite Star Wars character?"

"Mmmmmmmm, I don't have a favorite.  Ummmm, Harrison Ford.  Uh, that's Han Solo."

"Guess my favorite character, Mom."

"Ummmm... R2D2?"

There is a silence as he ponders the accuracy of my amazing and unforeseen intuition.

"Mom, your conscience is cheating."


leah said...

Ah, the psychic power of motherhood! Thank goodness for a lucky guess. It is a sweet morning ritual, even if the conversation is one-sided!

I am not coherent in the mornings, either. And Matt is very, very perky. He's almost pathologically happy- he jumps into bed and shouts, "WHAT ARE WE DOING TODAY?" to his still-slumbering mother...

Love the energy, but I love it even more after 8:00am!

Ritsumei said...

What a lovely relationship-building time for you and your son! My boy likes to do that too, though I think he's a good deal younger than your Gunner, so we don't get such entertaining stories as it sounds like you do. But it's one of my favorite times of the day.

Ritsumei said...

Plus, anything that prolongs that time between sleeping and awake right now is a wonderful thing in my book!

Felicity said...

Hmmm, Han Solo is my favourite too!! (What was that 'separated at birth' comment you made??)
My sons regularly talk my ears off with VERY TECHNICAL talk of the lightsabres and ships and.. and.. I often get lost...
Gunnar sounds a real cutie!

Tina Marie said...

I am telling you...we would be best friends if we ever actually met. Our boys had NEVER. SEEN. STAR WARS.
If ever there was proof that the foster system is failing children, that's it.

So we watched them all (and by all, I mean the original 3 because the others aren't really Star Wars movies). And when Little Man was Luke Skywalker for Halloween, our little hearts fluttered. And when he looked at the video camera, waved his hand and said, "These are not the droids, and you're not looking at them," our hearts melted because a 3-year-old misquoting Star Wars is about the cutest thing ever.

Organizing Mommy said...

I can just picture the conversation now. What a riot. I have an early morning snuggler too. Thankfully, she doesn't talk much in the morning. We both just blob out together.

Deborah said...

Lol! I love the creativity and wit that your boys have. I do hear you on that semi-awake state though.