Monday, February 15, 2010

Stink Pink

Leah asked, and in case anyone was wondering...

Stink Pink is a rhyming game.  You think of two words that rhyme, and the others try to guess your words.  You give them two clues:

1.  Syllables, and
2.  Synonyms.

Okay, so I'm thinking of two words that rhyme.  They each have one syllable, so I say Stink Pink.  (If they had two syllables each, they would be a Stinky Pinky; three is a Stinkety Pinkety, and so on.)  Then I throw out my synonyms:  Naked Cowboy.

The answer - of course - is nude dude.

Make sense?

Try this one.

Stinky Pinky, flexible wood.

Or, Stinky Pinky, excitable musician.

The words don't have to go together at all.  They just have to rhyme.  But it's more funny if they do sort of go together.  And you can throw in another level of complexity by using homonyms.  You know... Stink Pink, a serious tomb is a grave grave.

Of course they boys tend to go for refined and subtle humor, like Gunnar's piece de resistance last night, Stink Pink, sour methane.  (Just think like an 8 year old boy, you'll get it.)

But I put up with it because - hey - once again, they're expanding their vocabularies and it's a stress-free way to sneak in some grammar (syllables, synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, etc.) as well.

UPDATE - answers in the comments.


Ruby said... head will be spinning all night now!
Stinky Pinky surely/Ruby

leah said...

What a great language game! I'll have to remember that one for when my boys are older. Matt is just now getting the idea of rhyming, but I bet in a year or two that will be a great car/travel game!

Tina Marie said...


We are trying to set up home schooling for next year, and you are giving me some great ideas!

nosmallthing said...

I know what sour methane is. :)

You are so fun. I would have told my boys to knock if off and keep it clean. :) But you're right. It's good word work.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I like these kind of games that don't require any accessories. My dad and I used to play this endlessly while we were backpacking.

And I was known as Unruly Julie

Ruby said...

My weak effort was a sign off as
truly Julie!

Q said...

Please forgive, I can't find a 'contact' option. Please stop by There's an award waiting for you there!

Thank you for being such a blessing!

Herding Grasshoppers said...



Stink Pink, sour methane = a tart fart. (Oh, we're so high-brow.)

Stinky Pinky, excitable musician - a hyper piper. (We just read Wee Gillis.)

Stinky Pinky, flexible wood - limber timber.

So there ya go. Just a sampling of the madness, from our house to yours.

Anonymous said...

funny game - couldn't get any of them - just too tired tonight :-)

Please pass on to Whizz Buzz Boy that his fans are waiting for another post as it has been almost 2 months :-)


Organizing Mommy said...

I'm still stuck on the naked cowboy. How many hits did you get from that one? And tart fart? high brow, indeed. What are you doing after you are done being a mother to little kids? I think we need to go on the road, standup comic style. Whadduya think?