Monday, February 8, 2010

Simple Woman #48

FOR TODAY    February 8, 2010

Outside my window...  blue-gray sky, may be sunny today, purple primroses peeking out from under the bare dogwood tree, smoke from the neighbors' wood stove drifting by, and - as ever - busy, busy squirrels.

I am thinking...   so very much to do today.

I am thankful for...   a good Sunday, yesterday.  Had a fun time at my parents' watching the SuperBowl.

As I sat in church yesterday morning I was thankful for several things.  Our regular pastor was gone - thankful for him and his wife.  And thankful for little things.  Three women came in late - looked like three generations of family - and they needed a moment to get "grandma" settled.  No problem.  And immediately after they were seated a man across the aisle calmly got up, handed them his bulletin, and pointed to where we were in the service.  A simple kindness.   And thankful for funny things.  As one of the elders prayed that the Lord would strengthen us with His Spirit of power, somebody must've flushed, because the pipes gave a familiar rattle.  We also prayed for a man in the congregation having heart surgery this coming Wednesday.  It's a serious thing, but the man makes light of it and calls his heart "Hazel", because he says it sounds like the name of an unfaithful wife.  (My apologies to any Hazels out there.)

I am praying for...  Hazel and the surgery, work for Kerry, and a good day of school today, as there is much to do.

I am reading...   Already Gone, analysis of research about why church kids leave the church.

I am hoping...   started this day not feeling well; hoping that improves.

I am hearing...   clothes flopping around in the dryer, and entirely too much silence downstairs.  (When the boys are quiet it's suspicious.)

From the learning rooms...   I love the start of a new week.  I like to plan it so we start off strong and then can taper off the work load through the week.  Monday is rather... full.

From the kitchen...   brought home left-overs from the SuperBowl party, so I don't have to plan dinner tonight.  :D

Around the house...   finally took down my winter decorations.  I think the boys are disappointed.  They're still hoping for snow and take this as a sign that I've given up.  But I've scattered some red, Valentine-y things around and they're looking forward to next Sunday.

On my mind...   second-guessing myself.  Am I expecting too much of the boys?  Too little?  Will I ever get it right?

Noticing that...  I stood by Wyatt with my shoes off yesterday and good gracious, I think he's growing.  Maybe I'll weigh and measure them again today.

Pondering these words...  The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, present your requests to God, and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

One of my favorite things...   taking a load of stuff to consignment or Goodwill.  Yay!

A few plans for the rest of the week...   rehearsal tonight for me, to the orthodontist tomorrow morning to see if Wyatt can be done with his headgear, he also has a piano lesson on Tuesday, Gunnar has AWANA on Wednesday, a PTO day Friday (*ahhhh*), and a ladies get-together at church on Saturday.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Nearly three years ago... can't believe how they've grown!


Felicity said...

I do hope you're feeling better now. I liked your verse. I also think the part about 'Hazel' is very funny. Have a wonderful week,

LISA said...

I hope you feel better soon.
I wish there were words to share for your second guessing...I just keep praying through mine.

Jennifer said...

I keep telling myself that it is okay - even good - to second guess myself when it comes to school ... it keeps me from getting complacent. And, I love days where the evening meal can be handled with leftovers!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hope you are better. Thanks for sharing about your day. Love the sweet picture.


Rhonda said...

Hi, I enjoyed your daybook. I too have three boys, one which is away to college. Cute pic!

Mrs. Santos said...

We've given up our hopes for snow this year too. I enjoyed your daybook today...especially the little story about church...I felt like I was in a simpler time.

Hope you feel better.

Liz Tolsma said...

Hope you're feeling better and that your Monday went well. Our Mondays always seem to be full, too. Have a great week.

Robin said...

Thanks for sharing your life. May God bless you in amazing ways this week.