Saturday, February 13, 2010


I' tin n npnn bgy br.  Ut  e my eybor orte out.

Yes...  I'm taking an unplanned bloggy break.  Until I get my keyboard sorted out.

That's what the previous line looks like without that all-important row of characters, which is now not functioning.  Because some genius spilled water on the keyboard.

Oh.  That would be me.

You should've seen how quickly I snatched up the keyboard, tilted it on its side, and got that can of compressed air going.  I even pried off some of the buttons and got all the gunk out from under them and replaced them.  But here I sit, at Kerry's keyboard - which is sticky and covered with coffee stains and probably hasn't been dusted since Slick Willie was in office yet still works - pondering the injustice of life.

I'm formulating my plea for help.  Kerry is out at the hardware store just now, unaware that my brilliant ploy - unplugging the keyboard and sitting it upside down on the forced-air heat vent while I took a nap - has failed to restore its functionality.  And I don't think the rest of my array of highly technical skills (turn it off, unplug it, and try again) are going to succeed either. 

And I need my computer.  It's for school.  Really.  And for Bible Study.  I'm very altruistic, you know.

And I'll miss you all until we get this sorted.


leah said...

Have a nice blogging break! I hope you get the keyboard replaced soon. We had our mouse die on us (computer mouse, not the furry sort) and I was in a panic. Maybe I need to join a support group for the computer addicted, lol!

The Hansen Family said...

Bummer Julie! SO sorry. Hey, I know with cell phones you can encase them in rice for a day or so & sometimes that pulls the moisture out of them- maybe the same will work for the key board? Worth a try probably! :)

Ruby said...

Commiserations! Been there, done that. Fortunately we had a couple of old keyboards which sufficed. Don't stay away long.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh I love having a Mac.... Kerry dug up a keyboard in the garage from a computer that we bought... ? years ago ? I think before we moved here in 2003? maybe just after?

Anyway... just unplugged the old keyboard from that, dusted it off, and I'm live again :D