Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Did I mention that Wyatt and Tate were gone last weekend?  Their CAP group cooperates with our county's Search and Rescue, and have an annual SAR training exercise each fall.  I think they've been looking forward to it since last September.

Friday evening and all day Saturday were filled with training exercises in preparation for the big scenario - a simulated airplane crash - on Sunday.  I'm warning you ahead:  if you're easily grossed out, feel free to avert your eyes, because they had some awesome "make-up" to make the victims more realistic.  Not sure if they told the cadets ahead of time or not!

Down at base camp, Wyatt and a couple other cadets prepare to use the "Christmas tree" - an antennae that helps them home in on a signal.  They're not here to consult, but I would guess it would help find an airplane's "black box".  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

They have quite a bit of equipment.

Up a logging road, far above the base camp...

... they were preparing the injuries.  I don't think she was one of the official "victims" - maybe they were just practicing?  She's having far too much fun to be a victim ;D

But check these guys out.  These men are not CAP guys - I think they're from our local SAR group, helping out for the weekend.

The cadets were taught to triage the victims into four classes.
Green victims have non-life-threatening injuries, and can wait.
Yellow victims have injuries that could become life-threatening if not attended to soon.
Red victims have immediately life-threatening injuries and will die if you don't do something.
Black victims are either already dead or mortally wounded, and don't get treated.
That sounds cold-hearted, but you treat the ones you can help.
Though the guy on the right looks worse, I think the man on the left was the "black" victim.

The silver tarps on the downed tree represent airplane wreckage.

Now the cadets arrive on the scene.

Wyatt is checking out the victim with internal bleeding, who is about to stop breathing and die.  Meanwhile, the second victim, on the right is the pilot.  He's the "green" victim (compound fracture - arm) but was instructed to be a pain in the rear, and to continuously distract the cadets by demanding attention and treatment.

Tate's group had just bush-whacked up a very steep hill filled with logging debris, and arrived on scene just in time to...

... help get the victims down a steep bluff and onto the logging road.

This was quite a logistical challenge, requiring a sort of belay from a tree.

And there's nothing like the pressure of being continuously observed and evaluated by SAR / EMTs.

And where did this victim come from?

Meanwhile, Mr. Pilot has been splinted, but is still (acting) annoying and delusional.

Wrapping things up - there's my boys :D

They're a great bunch :D

And a bit goofy!


Q said...

BRAVO!!! :) If I ever get myself into deep yogurt in your neck of the woods, I'm calling your sons! (And I expect Gunnar to head up prayer and follow with gingerbread cookies to aid in the recovery!)

Choate Family said...

What great opportunities your boys have!

dlefler said...

What a great experience for the kids - the CAP program is so wonderful. They did a pretty realistic crash scene!