Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Up... Mt. Baker Flight

Surprise!  Someone went flying, and it wasn't the boys!  A friend from church invited Kerry up in his private plane, on a gorgeous, if slightly hazy, day last week.

If you're local, you may recognize this spot... it's the fairgrounds, looking very bare at the moment.

And if you're thinking of heading to the corn maze, on Hannegan?  Here's your map ;D
I remember one year they made it in the shape of a cow.  This year? Not quite sure...

And here's our friends' organic dairy farm.  Can you see the cows, out in the field?

It's always good when the pilot appears calm and relaxed ;D

He's a mountain guide, as well as an ER doc, and knew Kerry is interested in climbing local mountains.

We see Mt. Baker from all over the county, yet it looks quite different from above.

And these are the Twin Sisters, nearby.  Not as high, but very rugged.

My favorite :D


Felicity said...

Awesome photos!! I loved looking at them! It looks so beautiful there!

Choate Family said...

Oh, how beautiful!

dlefler said...

I really miss the mountains. I miss the beach, too (since I grew up in Southern California), but I REALLY miss the mountains. We have lots of low, rolling hills here, and they're just not the same. Gorgeous pictures from the plane!