Monday, September 17, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, September 17, 2012

Outside my window...  have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?  We are having a glorious Indian Summer.  Can I call it that?  Since it is, officially, still summer?  Beautiful mid-70's days, and cool, crisp nights.  Leaves turning beautiful colors all around :D

I am hearing...  a quiet house, early in the morning.

I am thinking...  how glad I'll be when the election is over.  Tired of the hype.  Tired of the propaganda.  And tired of the yard signs everywhere.  What if they don't announce the winner until all the signs are taken down?  Wouldn't that be nice?!

I am praying...  for friends joyfully expecting their fifth child to just possibly find larger living quarters (while I love their wonderful and cozy treehouse, I can't imagine how seven people can manage there!), for my mom's continued healing (knee replacement), and especially right now for a family friend - a window-washer - who had a bad fall on Monday.

This is him, working.  Like Spider-man.
This is NOT where he fell from.

And this is him, a few days ago (got the photo from his son's FB.)
I saw him yesterday, and the collar was off, but he is in a world of pain.
If you would, pray for my friend, Bruce.

I am thankful...  Kerry has so much work, lately!  Tate and Gunnar are off to a strong start with homeschool.  Wyatt is doing well, balancing homeschool and his high school classes.  What I really love is that I don't have to light a fire under him in the morning.  He is up at 6:30 and on his bike (with this good weather, or off to the bus other days) by 7:15.

I am creating...  can't tell.  Two weeks until October birthdays (my sister, brother, and SIL).

I am going...  to enjoy the sunshine, today!

I am reading...  have made no progress this week, but also starting a Tim Keller book on marriage (can't remember the title), for Sunday school class.

I am learning...  some new recipes.  Made blackberry brownies yesterday and YUM!

I am looking forward to...  a quiet-ish weekend coming up.

In the kitchen...  I bet I'm not the only one that was "gifted" with a zucchini the size of a watermelon, and I think I'll try making a zucchini lasagna tonight.  Think the boys will notice?

In the learning rooms...  Tate is cruising through the first chapters of Basic College Mathematics, since they're a lot of review.  He's doing well with his Apologia General Science, and his assorted language work.  We're loving Sonlight's Eastern Hemisphere core, and moving from the Pacific Islands to Australia this week.  I have just a bit of stuff to supplement with ;D  Gunnar is midway through Saxon 6/5 and doing fine with area, exponents, and converting units of measure.  He LOVES Apologia Zoology (third year), and also does fine with his language work.  Wyatt is using a BJU World History that's going fine so far (first time to use their curriculum).  And he's launched into Apologia Biology... so far so good.  I think he's enjoying The Fallacy Detective, and is also reading and summarizing Reasonable Faith, by Jay Wile.

Around the house...  I had hoped to begin a bit of fall decorating this weekend, but it didn't happen.  I did, however, get the last box of five pumpkin spice jar candles at Walmart ;D  Thank you, Gunnar, for getting down on your hands and knees and digging to the back of the bottom shelf and looking behind the mulled cider (close, but no cigar), for the win!

The Mother Load...  crazy, I know, but with birthdays approaching all the gifts I want to MAKE are weighing heavily on my mind.  Little by little...

Noticing...  how much I appreciate it when people pull their thoughts together in a coherent way before speaking.  A kind, well-intended woman in my Sunday school class likes to contribute to the discussion, but I can't make heads or tails of what the point is she's trying to make.

Something fun to share...  guess what the boys have been up to, lately?  Post coming...

One of my favorite things...  guess who looks so much like Gunnar?!?!

A Bible verse...  today's sermon was good, but I'm actually still thinking of last week's.  Very rarely have I heard a whole sermon from one verse, but this was a great one.  The audio and sermon notes aren't up yet (I'll try to remember to come back and link, but if you're interested, feel free to remind me in a few days!).  Pastor Bert is preaching from Hebrews, and came to this verse in chapter 10:

By faith Moses' parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king's edict.  

I had the baby with me last weekend, and didn't take any notes, so I'm looking forward to reviewing them when they're posted.  I can't remember clearly enough what he said versus what I heard, but it was very encouraging to those of us concerned about raising our kids in what feels at times like a very hostile and godless culture.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  hoping to stay home tomorrow (!) as Tate and I will be heading to Seattle on Tuesday for a round of appointments.  All is well, they're just part of the follow up for his CI.  Children's was kind enough to schedule all three on the same day, but it will be a long-ish day.  We'll be back in plenty of time for CAP, much to Tate's relief.  I'm going to a fundraiser/candle party Wednesday (friends getting an assistance dog for their diabetic son) - looking forward to spending time with her :D  Then Wyatt, Tate, and Kerry are all going on a SAREX this weekend, so Gunnar and I will be... ???  Have to think of something ;D

A peek into my world... 

Looking forward to views like this, from last year, in my backyard.


melanie said...

Ouch! {your window-cleaning friend Bruce}

But laughing at the political commentary ;-) and smiling at that cute feminine cousin of Gunnar : )

The Hebrews sermon sounds like a good one!

The dB family said...

Does she ever look like Gunnar!! What a precious little bundle! Oh, your poor friend Bruce! He will certainly be in my prayers!

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy your Daybook posts ;o)?


Anonymous said...

My daughter in laws father is a window washer... it is a scary job. I hope and pray that your friend recovers completely from his fall.
And Gunnar looks like you :) So your niece looks like you, too!!!!
Amazing... our Pastor is preaching in Hebrews...and we are at the very same spot!! And he is going slow through those verses. And is WONDERFUL that as believers we can trust in God and fear no man! I have been reading acts...just finishing it. And it amazes me how Paul trusted God so completely and went to Rome...knowing he was going to die. But he kept preaching and teaching. Oh for faith like that!!
Diane of Salem way

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Amen, Diane!

dlefler said...

Oh, I will be praying for your friend Bruce. What a terrible accident! And thank goodness he didn't fall from a higher height!

I will be SO SO SO glad when the election is done and over with. I also like your idea of not announcing the winner until all the signs are gone. Also? Goodbye, robo-calls.

The trees are my favorite part of fall. I have an apple cinnamon candle burning now, but can't wait to get out the pumpkin spice next! I also have some Autumn Leaves candles from Yankee Candle (someone gave them to me). Divine!