Thursday, September 27, 2012

Home's Cool

I would like to think that all of our homeschooling is Fun and Creative and Inspiring.

But the truth is, there is more than plenty of Ordinary.

Times tables, and semicolons vs. colons, and quadratic equations, and there/their/they're.

And sometimes, even though I've reminded him and put a sticky note in his book directing him to write his answers on a piece of paper, one boy in particular keeps forgetting and writing in his book.  Thankfully, Kerry has an electric eraser :D  Though that didn't help when I sat down to work with Gunnar on grammar, and we did two pages...  of Tate's grammar book, which they can write in.

In ink.

And none of that is a big deal.  Pencil marks can be erased from books.  And Tate's education isn't going to come crashing to a halt because Gunnar and I did two pages of hyphens and italicizing.

And when things seem to be getting kind of mundane, we do have fun and creative things to do :D

Guess what country Tate and Gunnar and I have been studying?

And guess who made this piece of art, all on his own?

Gunnar :D

Love it.


Felicity said...

Australia!!! And they're lovely!! I should force my kids to do more art... *sigh* (They don't go for it much.)

melanie said...

Cool beans!

...because I thought they were beans at first instead of paint plops.


Rebecca D said...

I think when we homeschool we get bored easily with the mundane... We have this imagine that the kids in school are doing all kinds of fun stuff, so we try to do that at home too. I have come to believe that homeschoolers in general have a TON more fun then kids in a more traditional school. I love hearing the girlies recounting all they did while homeschooling and seeing how jealous their traditionally schooled friends get! I try to remember to add the fun in my classroom too!

dlefler said...

That is a really cool Kangaroo pic - I would frame that one! Australia is such an interesting country (and full of poisonous things, haha). I definitely think homeschoolers get to do a lot more "hands-on" activities. Matt gets art once in a six day cycle, but mostly brings home LOTS and lots of dittos. Blah.

Choate Family said...

I thought they were M&Ms :-)