Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catching Up... Trip to Rainier

Right before we started back to schooling, we took a quick trip down to Mt. Rainier (because nothing says *fun* like driving four hours each way, through a major metropolitan area, on a holiday weekend, to see my in-laws).  Fortunately for the Kerry and the boys, they were able to get in some hiking, while I holed up at the IL's house, prepping lessons for the first couple weeks of home school.

But I'm not bitter ;D

Actually, the boys spent a ridiculous amount of time doing this...

... looking for these...

... and putting them in here, and then releasing them.

But the main event?

Kerry and I did this same hike about twenty years ago, but my memories are a bit fuzzy.  They were headed for a peak that started with "P" - either Pinnacle or Plumber.  Not certain which one.

Pretty sure I don't remember the trail being that steep, but that's the beauty of memories, right? ;D

Wyatt and Tate were always out in the lead, but Gunnar wasn't far behind.

Lots to explore.

Fearless little mountain goats... that's what I call them ;D

It's always a grind, getting up to the summit.

But the views... the views!

That's Mt. Rainier, in the background - the tallest mountain in Washington state, at 14,410 feet.  I know the Rockies are taller, but our mountains start at sea level, y'know?

 Yes, that is my child, in shorts and a t-shirt, in the snow.
This is normal here, as the snow stays year-round at high elevations, even when the temp rises to the 70's and 80's :D

All that (frozen) water, melting slowly through the summer months, keeps everything green and growing.  And combined with the high altitude, it means wildflowers are often at their peak near the end of summer, long after they're finished down lower.

These purple lupine have a delicious, sweet scent.
The reddish-orange flowers in a previous photos are Indian paintbrush.

Of course, rocks must be climbed.
If you look between the boys, just above the rock, on the mountainside in the distance, you can see Paradise Lodge - several trail-heads take off from Paradise, including the main climbing route, via Camp Muir (obscured in the clouds).

Melting snow keeps little (and big) creeks flowing all summer.

It's too much beauty to take in all at once!


melanie said...

You live in such gorgeous country! Mountains, lakes, ocean, AND dairy farms. You are blessed. : )

Rebecca D said...

I miss the mountains so much. We lived in Montana for nine years and as much as I appreciate the beauty of the ocean, mountains (real mountains, not the ones around here) make my heart sing! Love the photos!

Choate Family said...

So glad you decided to "catch up" on your photos. What a great trip (even if you did have to fight traffic!) and a gorgeous way to make memories.

quilt'n-mama said...

Beautiful pictures, looks like you had an awesome hike!