Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Which I Am Your Supplier of Adorableness

The boys gravitate to the rabbit hutch like crack-heads to a dealer.
Gotta get our cute-and-snuggly fix.

Yes, Gunnar's cute, isn't he?  But I bet you're looking at the bunnies.

It's actually good to handle them a lot, since they are pets.
We want them to be gentle.

We simply cannot resist, especially since their little eyes are open now.

They are so cuddly.

I may be slightly obsessed with their furry little feet.

All three bunnies have homes waiting for them,
but if anyone else (local!) is interested, they're very low-maintenance (and low cost!) pets,
and we could breed them again in the spring :D


Felicity said...

These photos must be some of the cutest I've seen!! (ALL of them!)

Ann said...

My kids are loving these bunny updates. Okay, I'll admit it...I am too! :-)

The dB family said...

Ohhh, they are precious!! I've debated at bunnies into that chaos here, but I think we'll wait a few years yet. By-the-way, that face holding those bunnies is precious too! I'm shocked at how much your boys have grown over the summer!


dlefler said...

Well, Gunnar's cute... but those bunnies steal the show! Oh, that little gray bunny is so adorable. I waited to look at this until tonight, because I know if Matt saw those pictures he would BEG for a pet rabbit.

They are so very cute - it makes me want to go and snuggle something!

Rebecca D said...

Oh my goodness! I can't stand the level of cuteness!

Choate Family said...

Let us know if you change your mind and consider shipping cross-country! Then maybe we could spend some time together.