Monday, September 3, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, September 3, 2012.
Outside my window...  it's dark!  But we've had a lovely day - warm, breezy, and sunny.  A perfect day for a BBQ up at my parents'.
I am hearing...  good grief.  Why aren't the boys in bed yet?  Am I the only one in this house who can tell time?  It's a SCHOOL NIGHT, for heaven's sake!
I am thinking...  a school night?  All ready?  How on earth did that sneak up on us?
I am praying...  for the boys to grow in wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and men.
I am thankful...  Kerry is still busy with work, my mom is making good progress in her recovery (knee replacement), and the boys are healthy and lively.
I am wearing...  capri jeans, blue t-shirt, flip-flops.  Amazing, I know.
I am creating...  plans, plans, plans!!!
I am going...  to love getting back into a more structured routine :D
I am reading...  Tate's science book - Apologia's General Science.
I am learning...  about scientists through history.  It's amazing.  Did you know that most of the early scientists were devout Christians?  It makes perfect sense.  If you believe in a God who is orderly, then you believe in a universe that can be studied, understood, and explained rationally.  If you believe in a multitude of capricious gods (Greeks or Romans, or Hindus) who alternately help or torment humans at their whim, then how could the world make any logical sense?
I am hoping...  for a cheerful, ambitious, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed start to a new school year.
In the kitchen...  hmmm, I'll think about that tomorrow?
In the learning rooms...  something old (curriculum we've been using and passing down from boy to boy) and something new (some new books for everyone!), something borrowed (Sonlight's Eastern Hemisphere core - thanks Colleen!), and lots of blue (my favorite color, but you knew that).
Around the house...  a bit of neglect - we've been outside so much!
The Mother Load...  oh my word, I'm going to forget it's Tuesday in the morning, and that means
*  CAP in the evening.  Must not forget!  Because it's going to seem like Monday.
*  Must get boys launched into the new school year.
*  Don't tell them (not likely that you would...) but I'm taking them all out for donuts, mid-morning, to celebrate back-to-school.
*  Wyatt is going to go part-time to the local high school - did I mention that before?  So he must be headed for the bus by shortly after 7am.
*  I'm bringing dinner to friends on Wednesday.
*  And we're having my niece for the weekend, arriving on Thursday.  Yes, my two-month-old niece.
*  Which means I need to have everything ready for TWO weeks of school, not just one.  I have the whole year mapped out, but generally prep the little details a week at a time.  But something tells me I may not have much free time this weekend ;D
*  Whew.  At least I don't have to child-proof the house, since she can't get into anything yet.  But I probably won't be online much, since even when I'm not distracted, she'll be sleeping in my office.
*  Anything else?  I must be forgetting something...
Noticing that...  Wyatt seems cool and collected, the night before his first day back to public school.  He laid out some jeans and a t-shirt.  Got his backpack ready.  And showered and shaved.
Something I want to remember for later...  my kids are not perfect, (and neither are their parents!) ;D  But the boys are in a good place right now.  Still in process, but we're reaping some of the rewards of years of training and discipline.  They're pretty fun to be around, y'know?
... and now that I dared to put that in print, they'll probably do something dreadful and awful and embarrassing and humiliating.  (Is that superstitious?)
Something fun to share...  my mom had printed out some pictures of Naomi to share with us, and in one of them she looks very much like Gunnar.  If she can email me the photo I'll post it later.  (I only have a print copy.)
One of my favorite things...  new beginnings.
A Bible verse...  Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things.        Philippians 4:8
A few plans for the rest of the week...  well, yah, getting into the school groove, and then the baby groove.  Yah, that's all.
A peek into my world...
The boys and I were cleaning out their closet, and found this masterful work of art, produced by Tate (how many???) years ago...

Oh, nooooo!  Godzilla is attacking the city!


Anonymous said...

Okay this is a little 'off the subject'...but I think it is funny that Godzilla's 'hand' ..or what looks like his hand is holding the picture :)
Diane of Salem way

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Diane, that's too funny! I didn't even notice! (It's Gunnar's hand, by the way. He was holding the picture for me.)

dlefler said...

It is nice when all that discipline pays off. We're starting to really enjoy Matt (though at six, we still have bouts of horribleness). For the most part, he's polite and kind - we still get lots of impulsive behavior, but that's sort of stamped on the Y chromosome.

My boys start school tomorrow. I can't believe fall is almost here (not that you can tell with the weather). It is raining and 90 degrees - the remnants of hurricane Isaac.

Ann said...

We're in week 15 of Eastern Hemisphere. Wow - it's been a step up from the previous core! But, we're really enjoying the book selections. The Master Puppeteer has been my favorite so far!