Sunday, December 20, 2009

Crafty Women

My family is full of crafty women :0)

For as long as I can remember we've kicked off the Christmas season with a Christmas craft just as soon as we clear the Thanksgiving table.

We've made a variety of Christmas tree ornaments, stamped Christmas cards and gift tags, and many other things I don't remember just now.  For years my mom - Gramma Grasshopper - and her sister, my Aunt Judy, headed this up.  But now it's usually up to my sister, cousin, and myself.

This year we decorated candle holders - mostly for votives, but some larger ones as well.

It's easy.  I promise.  Or I couldn't do it!

We collected an assortment of clear glass candle holders, lots of tissue paper (white, colored, and printed), and a few other items - tiny glitter stars, rub on words, and some glitter snowflakes, and Mod-Podge.  (Yes, I know... remember the 70's?)  You could mix Elmer's glue with water if you don't have Mod-Podge.

All these lovely candle holders were made by ripping or cutting the tissue paper into small pieces and "painting" them. layer by layer, onto the candle holders with the Mod-Podge.


The dB family said...

Oooh beautiful!! Fun and simple! I also love what is in the frame. Any ideas on how that was made ;o)?


Jeanne said...

No crafty women here, sadly enough. Your candles look great!

leah said...

What a cute idea! That would be a good one for my MOPS group, because we could do it relatively quickly (and it is fairly easy to do)! They're very pretty- love it!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The project is fun, and fairly easy and low cost! We did a similar one with a MOPS group (a few years ago... ahem) using clear plates from Walmart. Some of the moms put pictures of their kids on them and others did pretty patterns.

When you use the clear plates you have to think in reverse because you "paint" the stuff on the bottom of the plate.

Only thing is... the Mod-Podge is water-soluble. Which means it cleans up easily, but also means... it washes off. So you have to be careful about cleaning things. I use the plate I made just for display. I could use it to serve cookies or something, because I could wipe off the top, but I can't immerse it.

Make sense?

And Deborah... the framed artwork (at my brother's) is probably something he got at IKEA. I'll ask him.

Unknown said...

These are so awesome! I absolutely love them!