Friday, December 4, 2009

Real Grasshoppers get Real Trees


Our wet, windy, and wild November has let up and given us a few cold, clear December days.
Perfect for a visit to the tree farm.

Of course, we have to tromp all over the tree farm to find
the very best one.

All the boys help cut it down.
Tate is doing his part.

The boys help carry it.
Guess who gets the heavy end?

With their hoods up (it was cold!) they look like a string of elves.

My littlest elf gets to carry the saw.

Of course, we have to go inside for cookies and cider :0)

Then the tree goes into the machine.
We love the machine.
It wraps the tree like a folded up umbrella.

 So much easier to get it home and set it up.
Then, just cut it loose!

The first day we just got the lights and the star on it.
Ornaments yet to come...

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Abi's Blog said...

I love the tree farm. For many years we cut our own tree from the pasture, and then for a few years we went to a tree farm. Then we realized why the boys were getting sick every Christmas - allergies! and allergies trigger asthma - sooo - sadly we bought an artificial tree. I miss a real tree. Love your pictures... I'm behind in posting, but hope to do a tour of trees as I take DOWN Christmas - Blessings, from Texas