Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Deck The Halls


Since we don't have a fireplace,
we hang the stockings along the stairs.
Weird?  Maybe.

I like candles.
Lots of candles.

Lights on lights...

Candles that look like lights...

And some of my favorite boys at Christmas.
That's our three on the right, and Grampa Grasshopper
and his brother in the black and white photo.
Grampa is on the right :0)


leah said...

Very cute! I love, love, love the candles that look like Christmas lights. Where did you find those?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Aren't those fun? I found them at Target a few years ago the day after Christmas. Got them really, really cheap and thought the boys could use them as teacher gifts in the future.

Then we started homeschooling.

I win!

Organizing Mommy said...

O.K. I think we could make those lights along the window--spray paint the inside of glass candles, no? C'mon you homeschooler, figure it out for us.

Ann said...

I LOVE stockings along the stairs! I have a friend who hangs hers from a loft rail, and it always looks so adorable! We've actually had a mantle for four Christmases now, counting this one, but before that we had to be creative. It was fun.

Colleen said...

We have fireplace but ~ gasp! ~ don't do stockings. Yours look nice on the stair wall there.

Deborah said...

No fireplace here either. Ours hang on the bedroom doors. I like them along the stairs though. Great idea!

Those framed photos are precious!