Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Champion

Does he look just a wee bit smug?

That's probably because he just beat his older brothers at Clue.

Three times in a row.

Once could've been sheer luck.  Twice, maybe.  But by the third game I was trying not to let on how closely I was observing, while I made lunch.

Oh yah.  He's always clever at the logic puzzles I throw at them, and he was using the same deductive skills here.  Tate started a rumor.  "Peacock, in the Spa, with the candlestick."  Wyatt, to his left, disproved the rumor, discretely showing Tate a card, and then noticed Gunnar marking something off, on his scoresheet.

"You're cheating!  Mooooooom, he's cheating!  He looked at my card!"

Which would be impossible, from across the table.  Good grief.

No, he simply figured out that since he himself was holding Peacock, and the candlestick, Wyatt must be showing Tate the Spa card.  A possibility, and a modus operandi that had not yet occurred to either of the older boys.

The triumph of the littlest brother.


Felicity said...

Nothing wrong with deduction skills there...

leah said...

Wow- he's a clever little guy! I love the triumph of the little brother! Go get 'em, Gunnar!

Ann said...

I love it!!!!

Gramma Grasshopper said...

Way to go Gunnar!! - however, now I may be afraid to play Clue with you :). BUT, you boys learn how to lay out the game and bring it up on your next PTO day.