Friday, January 1, 2010

Turn Off The Light

We live at 48 degrees (and 45 minutes) north - I just looked it up.  Which means gloriously long days in the summer (light from 4:30am to 10pm) but not so much in the winter.  Lots of darkness.

And I like light.  As much of it as I can get.  I like the light to wake me up in the morning.  So much nicer than a blaring alarm clock.  Yuck.  Hence the sheers in the bedroom.

 Tate, on the other hand, likes total darkness when he sleeps.  And with his HA out at night, he can't hear a thing.  I kind of wonder what that's like... the sensory deprivation.  But I digress...

For reasons I don't remember now, he was sleeping in my bed one night.  Already asleep, he rolled over, bleary eyed, when I came to bed, and demanded,

Turn off the light!

Tate, the light IS off.

He glared over my shoulder, at the full moon shining through the curtains, and insisted again,

No, that light, right outside the window!  Turn it off!

Yeah.  I'll get right on that.


Felicity said...

LOL! I like sleeping in darkness too, but I've never had an issue with the moon...

leah said...

Well, you gotta love the utter faith that Mom can turn the moon off, lol!

We're pretty far north, too, and these short winter days are hard! Luckily, we get a ton of snow so it brightens things up a bit.

76 days 'till spring!

Deborah said...

Lol! I love light too, and I do know about moonlit rooms at night. It makes for a great night light tough! Your room is beautiful! So fresh and light! Lovely!


Ann said...

That's great! I like darkness when I'm sleeping, but I want it bright in the daytime. Our winter days are short enough - I'm sure the shortness of your days is really insane!